Hutchinson of Montreal – February 1844

Review and Herald for 1853 – Vol. 04 – No. 08

F. G. Brown, in an article published in the Midnight Cry of Feb. 15th, 1844, writes thus :

” During our Conference [New Bedford, Mass.] we were favored among other good brethren whom we love, with the presence of Bro. Hutchinson, of Montreal, Editor of the Voice of Elijah. His pow- erful presentation of scripture truth, and his brief recital of what he had suffered in its defense, thrill- ed every heart, and drew the silent tear from many an eye. Bro. H. occupies the most favorable position for distributing the light throughout the British Possessions and Europe. Having a large acquaintance in Europe, and as papers can be sent from the Canadas thither free of postage, he has embraced every opportunity of sending large supplies by each returning Steamship. He has forwarded them to the Canadas, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Constantinople, Rome, &c.”

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