Corliss at Work

J. O. Corliss spoke respecting the work in Australia. There are three churches and 150 observers of the seventh day there. He gave many interesting statements concerning the peculiar ities of that field, and suggestions in reference to the further prosecution of the work there.

On motion, the Conference recommended the Trustees of the Seventh-day Adventist Publishing Association to donate to Brethren Lane and Corliss a box of books for their use in their new field of labor in Virginia.

On motion, the Conference invited Elder James White to visit Kentucky and
Virginia at his earliest convenience.

Fourth Session of GC in 1876


1877 GC

The following named brethren, who were present, were, by vote of the 110–GCS 63-88
Conference, appointed to act as delegates from their respective states: J. O. Corliss, from Virginia; John Fulton, from Canada; A. J. Stover, from Kansas; George Tenney, from Wisconsin.


1878 Delegate from Virginia

1879 Delegate from Michegan


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