A Statement by Early Adventists re: the Shut Door

The Review and Herald, April 7, 1885, Vol. 62, No. 18, page 217


3 Responses to “A Statement by Early Adventists re: the Shut Door”

  1. Doug Leffler Says:

    Several of the “locations” opposite to the list of names are miss spelled. I am a poor speller, so, if they are obvious to me, they must be glaring to other. This is so obviously an Adventist sight and should represent it.

    • newsman777 Says:

      Hi Doug,

      Thanks for pointing this out. After looking over the post, I realized that I had not checked for spelling problems. Often when copying from a DjVu file the computer copier interprets marks incorrectly. I try to keep the original misspellings when they occur in the document. Notice some of the original misspellings: Mieh. instead of Mich.; Ringe for Range.

      This site is not an official Adventist site. I am an Adventist teacher and do this blog as a hobby.


  2. newsman777 Says:

    Hi Doug, and others viewing this post.

    I have decided to post a copy of the DjVu file rather than a transcription of it. I have not figured out how to do the charts in Word Press without serioius difficulty. So, what we have now is a fascimile of the original. This has its advantages.


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