Thought Inspiration Illustrated

Starting November 8, 1883


The Committee on Resolutions then presented the following:–(243–GCS 63-88)

32. WHEREAS, Some of the bound volumes of the Testimonies to the Church are out of print, so that full sets cannot be obtained at the Office; and—

WHEREAS, There is a constant and urgent call for the re-printing of these volumes; therefore–

RESOLVED, That we recommend their re-publication in such a form as to make four volumes of seven or eight hundred pages each.

33. WHEREAS, Many of these testimonies were written under the most unfavorable circumstances, the writer being too heavily pressed with anxiety and labor to devote critical thought to the grammatical perfection of the writings, and they were printed in such haste as to allow these imperfections to pass uncorrected; and–

WHEREAS, We believe the light given by God to his servants is by the enlightenment of the mind, thus imparting the thoughts, and not (except in rare cases) the very words in which the ideas should be expressed; therefore–

RESOLVED, That in the re-publication of these volumes such verbal changes be made as to remove the above-named imperfections, as far as possible, without in any measure changing the thought; and, further–

34. RESOLVED, That this body appoint a committee of five to take charge of the re-publication of these volumes according to the above preambles and resolutions.

35. RESOLVED, That we hereby express our thanks to the various railroads, especially the Michigan Central and Grant Trunk, for favors extended to the delegates to this meeting; and also to the papers of this city for the publication of reports.

36. RESOLVED, That we hereby express our appreciation of the kindness of the Battle Creek Church in entertaining those from abroad during the progress of the Bible-reading Institute and the General Conference.

The above were considered separately and adopted.

The committee of five to take charge of the re-publication of the testimonies provided for in the thirty-fourth resolution was announced as follows, the chair having been empowered to select four persons besides himself for this purpose: W. C. White, Uriah Smith, J. H. Waggoner, S. N. Haskell, George I. Butler.



This set of resolutions illustrates the Adventist concept of ‘thought inspiration’. Corrections to grammar and poor English construction were not offensive to their concept of inspiration.


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