The Work in Baltimore, Lynn H. Wood, 1912

The Work in Baltimore, Md.

“A BEGINNING has been made in proclaiming the third angel’s message in the city of Washington, and in other cities of the South and the East; but in order to meet the mind of the Lord, we shall have to plan for the carrying forward of a far-reaching and systematic work. We must enter into this work with a perseverance that will not allow of any slackening of our efforts until we shall see of the salvation of God.

“In Portland, Maine; in Boston and the towns round about; in New York and the populous cities close by; in Philadelphia and Baltimore and Washington, the Lord desires us to proclaim the third angel’s message with power. . . . We must plan to place in these cities capable men who can present the third angel’s message in a manner so forcible that it will strike home to the heart. . . .

” As these workers talk the truth, and live the truth, and pray for the advancement of the truth,- God will move upon hearts. As they work with all the strength that God grants them, and in humility of heart put their entire trust in him, their labors will not be without fruit. Their determined efforts to bring souls to a knowledge of the truth for this time will be seconded by holy angels, and many souls will be saved.”— ” Testimonies for the Church,” Vol. IX, pages 99, 100.

This promise is surely being verified to us here in Baltimore. God has worked for us in a most remarkable way during the past few weeks, and we are glad to tell some of our experiences for the strengthening of other workers in our large cities. About a month ago Elder F. W. Paap and family were asked by the General Conference to leave Riverside, Cal., and take up work in Baltimore. After arriving, they spent nearly a week looking for a suitable location for the mission home, and finally, after much prayer and consultation, they purchased, jointly with the Chesapeake Conference, a double house in Walbrook, one of the best residence districts in Baltimore; so 1611-13 Ellamont St. is now the workers’ home, and the headquarters for the city work. All felt clear that God was leading- to this place, and looked for greater blessings when the time came to locate the tent work for the summer. As soon as we were settled in our new home, we began to look for a tent and a church site.

After considerable hunting, we found a lot that was just what we needed for both tent and church. It was the right size, and of easy access from all parts of the city. It was in the center of a populous residence district, and but five blocks from the mission home. It was marked for sale, and we immediately began to pray and work to get it. Finally we learned the name of its owner, and called him up by telephone, only to find it had been sold the week before. At first we thought we were a week too late, but were impressed that God was going before and would open the way even then if it was his will. And so it was.

The man who had owned it was a doctor, the man who bought it, a contractor and builder. When approached concerning it, he said, ” Yes, I will sell it to you for a church at just what it cost me.” He had purchased two lots, and we got. the benefit of his price, thus saving about $250. The builder told us to call on his architect to draw plans and specifications for the church, and it would cost us nothing. He instructed his lawyer to look up our deed and give it to us free of charge. He is to give us a survey of the lot as well as sewer connections. Altogether, this saves us about $150. We could have obtained no such concessions from the original owner.

” Now,” said the builder, ” when you get ready to build your church, see me and I think I can get you many donations in the shape of material and labor. My electrician will, I think, put up your lights free of charge. If you wish to put a cathedral window in the front of the building, I will ask my glazier to furnish the cathedral glass gratis. I can buy brick at a lower figure than any one else in the building work here in the city, and I will help you along that line.” Thus we saw very clearly how God was opening the way before us, and only too gladly did we press in as fast as we could. Later we found that the lot was too small for the tent that we had on hand. There was a new forty-by- sixty tent ordered to be shipped to the western part of the State, but in some mysterious way we found that it was shipped to Baltimore instead of to its proper destination. We felt sure the Lord’s hand was in this, and thanked him for it. Now we have a fine new tent on a lot all our own in one of the best portions of the city.

As God has gone before us thus far, we have the utmost faith to believe that he will lead all the way, and give us many souls for our hire this summer. At present there is no monument in the way of a church edifice in this city of over eight hundred thousand souls. We are meeting in a hall in the center of the city, where it is so noisy that at times the speaker can not be heard. Many of our people say that they should like to bring friends out to the service, but fear that such a meeting-place might prejudice them. For years the church has longed for a home, and at present there is about eighteen hundred dollars in cash and pledges to cover the lot and building. At every advance step we see the Lord going ahead. The workers have pledged their lives to the work, have renewed their consecration, and have determined to be such vessels that God can fill them with his Spirit, that there may be no hinderings to his mighty workings here in the East.


Source: Review and Herald, August 1, 1912

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