Fire at the Southern Training School – 1915

ON Thursday morning, February 18, at four o’clock, the students of the homes were alarmed by the cry of “Fire!” coming from the girls’ dormitory. The fire had made good headway before being discovered. Before all the girls were taken out, the first floor had gone through in some places, and twelve girls were taken out after the piano had fallen through the floor into the basement.

One girl jumped from her window about twenty-two feet. The fall broke her wrist, and slightly injured her back. She is now in a wheel chair, and we hope that she will soon be with us in school. Another girl rolled off the roof of the porch, and struck on her hip, receiving bruises, but no bones were broken. These were the only girls that received injuries, and we are very grateful to God that no lives were lost.

It was clearly seen at the very first that the building could not be saved, and heroic efforts were made by all the men to save the other buildings. There was no wind, and so, although the water was cut off by the bursting of pipes in the burning building, the other build- ings were saved. The academy was badly blistered, however, and the bake- shop, which stood near the dining hall, was destroyed, as well as the greenhouse. The printing office and boiler house were saved by the bucket brigade.

After the fire the students all came to a six-thirty rally in the chapel, and such a spirit of loyalty and earnestness had never been manifested in the history of the school. A subscription list was started for the help of those students who had lost nearly everything in the fire.

Source: Review and Herald, March 4, 1915


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