Ingathering – Southern Training School – 1914

An Ingathering Experience

ONE of the very best letters of experiences gained during the recent campaign with the Harvest Ingathering REVIEW was received recently from Brother Lynn H. Wood, in charge of the Southern Training School, at Graysville, Tenn. Although it is a personal letter, it contains so much that is of general interest that I am sure Brother Wood will pardon me for giving it almost entire.’ The spirit of loyalty breathed in this experience, the lesson it contains in the intimate relation of prayer and service, and the demonstration as to how those at home may enter into the spiritual experiences of those whom they send out to labor, certainly make it replete with valuable suggestions : —

“Inclosed is a photograph of four of our girls whom we sent to Knoxville with Harvest Ingathering papers, during the week of prayer. They went Friday morning and returned the following Friday morning. They came up in the office the afternoon before they left, and we laid before them the solemnity of their undertaking, and had a study with them concerning the conduct of our young ladies in large cities, and asked them to name a goal for themselves. They replied that they thought it would not be too much to ask the Lord to give them $100. We bowed in prayer and asked the Lord for this sum.

“That evening we had the homes together for evening worship, and set before the entire school the object of the trip and the goal that the girls had set for themselves. We had a remarkable season of prayer, dedicating the girls to their work, and sent them off in an enthusiastic way the following morning. Night and morning the school held them up before the throne of grace, and entered with them into their labors.

“When the girls got to Knoxville, it was cold and windy, but they found a room, and made preparations for work on Saturday night. ‘ It was cold that night, the wind blew severely, no one seemed interested in papers, and the girls came back to their room much discouraged. But after a season of prayer they were cheered, and went to sleep with high hopes of the work the next day. Sunday morning they awoke to find the snow several inches deep and the wind blowing a gale, but they would not be daunted.

“Day after day they plowed through snow and mud, in and out of offices, factories, railroad yards, gathering a dime here and a quarter there, praying as they went that God would plant a desire in the hearts of the people to help them.

“Upon their return all listened eagerly to the reports the girls gave, and the wonderful experiences they had had in answer to prayer. After each had reported, the one selected to name the amount, took from her purse a roll of bills, which had been pinned together into a rope, and flung it out over the audience, and two others lifted the sheet you see in the picture (see the Source link below), with the word ‘Prayer’ made by dollar bills.

“The total amount collected for foreign missions by these girls was $116.25. Considering that the times are so hard, and that the weather was so bitterly cold, we realize that their success was due to the prayers offered in their behalf, which God so signally answered. Never before had the school seen such a remarkable answer to prayer, and many wonderful coincidences between the work in the city and the praying students here at home were related.

“As an example: Saturday evening was the only evening that they really felt discouraged and disheartened, and things seemed to go so hard, and Saturday evening was the evening that our students were engaged in a social affair in the school home, forgetting the mission that they had in a nearby city. It was a wonderful aid to the consecration services that followed, and I think that no one here will ever forget that meeting.

“On the blackboard behind the girls you will see a map of the world, with Graysville at each end of the board. The Sabbath school planned to send a missionary to East Africa from Graysville this last quarter, at the rate of two cents a mile. The Harvest Ingatherers planned to send another missionary west, from Graysville toward the Pacific, to meet the Sabbath school missionary in East Africa on January 1.

“At the present time, including pledges, the Sabbath school has more than made its part,— $150,— and we are looking forward to the finishing of the Harvest Ingathering work, the aim being the gathering of $350; thus making a total of $500 for missions from Graysville school during the last quarter of 1914. We have until the tenth of January to clear our accounts, and I am hoping that we shall make good. It has been a big incentive to the students, and it would make your heart full to see the way they have co- operated in getting this fund.”


Source: Review and Herald, January 28, 1915


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