Union College Sabbath School – 1913

What Union College Sabbath School Did Last Quarter

In a personal letter from Prof. Lynn H. Wood, who is the superintendent of the college Sabbath School, he tells what can be done to increase our offerings to missions.

“Our first quarter’s record,” he writes, ” is finished, and what do you suppose it is ? We have had an average membership of 196 for this quarter as against 105 last quarter. Our per cent of attendance for the entire quarter has been 100. Our total donations for last quarter were $222.62; for this quarter, $439. On Dollar day last quarter we had a donation of $90; on this Dollar day, the thirteenth Sabbath offering was $206.27, an average of over one dollar a member. Was not that fine?

The best part of it is that the students earned that dollar in some way out of the ordinary — making special trips selling papers, books, doing extra domestic work, etc. I wish you could have been here to our enthusiastic meeting; it would have made the tears come to your eyes to see the dollars dropping into the basket — dollars that meant advancement for the work in the Far East.

Barring camp-meeting donations, I think this is the largest Sabbath-school record donation ever made, but it was not that so much that made me rejoice — it was the earnest, willing spirit of the students who gave the money.

We had a toy clock arranged up on the platform with five-dollar ticks. Ushers passed down the aisles collecting the money and calling every five dollars. We had planned for $200, but it ticked only $170. You could see the disappointment written on every face, and immediately after the meeting the students came of their own accord and said, ‘That clock must go clear around, and those who have given will give again.’ So Thursday we set the clock on the platform again, and in chapel sent it around to $206.27.”

H. R. S.

Source: Review and Herald, April 24, 1913



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