Girls’ Dorm at Southern – 1917 Fund-raising Device

Campaign Begun

Field Tidings, February 21, 1917

The campaign for $20,000 for the girls’ dormitory at Collegedale has begun in earnest. It is planned to raise this money before the middle of August, and $20,000 in cash should be in the school till before the first of September. In order that all the field may know the progress that is being made from week to week, it has been planned to get out the cut shown on this page, and represent thereon the pledges and total cash received. This is a cut of the dormitory that will be erected.

Twelve hundred fifty dollars has been pledged by the Board, and this is represented by the squares in the foundation. There are fifty of these squares shown and each square represents $25. As soon as the money comes in, these squares will be blocked in solid. The windows represent $200 each, and as soon as the money is pledged, a window will be placed in the opening as is shown in the lower left hand corner of the cut. This window has been pledged by Mrs. Catherine D. Elford, and is the first window in the new building. This represents sacrifice, and it is the kind of sacrifice that will finish the work. When the amount pledged on the window has been paid, the curtains will be placed inside of the window. Any person pledging one or more windows will be given recognition that week in the regular issue of the TIDINGS.

The faculty and students have pledged themselves to the amount of $2,000, and so they have been given the roof, together with the dormer windows. These windows represent $125 each, and the shingles $5 each. There are five windows which total $625, pledged by the parties whose names are above them, and 275 shingles, which count $5 each. The students have the honor of paying in the first money on this new building. It will be noticed that six shingles are already blocked in solid. This shows that $30 has been paid in by the students and faculty on their pledge of $2,000.

It is earnestly hoped that everyone will pay in his pledge as soon as he possibly can, and that all our people throughout the field will take an active interest in this campaign and do everything in their power to make it possible for our girls to have a comfortable home this next winter. We ought to have 200 students in school the coming year, and this is possible if we will all take hold and lift hard. The times in which we are living demand the deepest consecration on the part of all. It will be a campaign of faith, and I am sure our brethren and sisters throughout the field will remember this work in their prayers daily that God may open the way whereby the funds can come into the treasury that building operations may not be hindered. There will be a great song of victory rise from this whole South land when we dedicate the building, absolutely free of debt, on September 14.

This cut will appear in the TIDINGS every two weeks. Be sure to watch the pledges and cash grow, and let everyone take an active interest and do his utmost to see the work of the Lord prosper in the field.



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