E. Max Trummer, Family

Review and Herald, March 18, 1920

THIS week Elder E. Max Trummer, with Mrs. Trummer and infant, are booked to sail from New Orleans for the Canal Zone, Panama. Brother and Sister Trummer, formerly of South America, have spent some years in the Washington Missionary College, and now gladly turn toward the Spanish fields again. Elder Trummer takes the presidency of the West Caribbean Conference.



Inter-American Messenger, May, 1926

Friends of Elder and Mrs. E. M. Trummer, and their children, both at Balboa and Cristobal, were pleased to greet them as they passed through recently enroute to the General Conference. Brother Trummer formerly was president of the West Caribbean Conference and later Superintendent of the Central Colombia mission with headquarters at Bogota. Still more recently he has pioneered into what is now
known as the Antioquena Mission territory in Colombia and is now the director of our work in that field, with headquarters at Medellin, Colombia.


Lake Union Herald, June 30, 1926

Emmanuel Missionary College

Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Trummer and their sister, Miss Fontana, of South America were recent visitors. Mrs.
Trummer and Miss Fontana expect to spend the coming year with us.



Pacific Union Recorder, May 29, 1930

Elder and Mrs. Max Trummer and two children from the Colombia Conference in South America were recent visitors in the office, en route to San Francisco to attend the General Conference.



Inter-American Division Messenger, Vol IX, No. 7, July, 1932

Sister E. M. Trummer and her two children, Sarita and Max, spent Sabbath, June 4, with the division office family (Canal Zone). We were very glad to welcome her and the children back to Inter-America after a long absence of about two years.

The children have grown remarkably, but Sister Trummer is still far from being entirely well; however, we earnestly pray that she may continue to gain in strength as she returns to join her husband in gathering the precious sheaves in Colombia’s harvest field.



Southern Tidings, June 3, 1936

Collegedale News Notes

Collegedale is fortunate in having another missionary family come to make their home at Collegedale, and take advantage of the educational opportunities offered by this institution. Mrs. Trummer, wife of Elder Max Trummer, superintendent of the Columbia Mission, is here with her daughter Sarita and son Max.



Southern Tidings, September 15, 1937

Collegedale News Notes

Southern Junior College opened its doors for the twenty-second year on September 7 with a record enrollment. Several days before the opening date, students were beginning to arrive and already both dormitories are full to overflowing. Space will not permit the names of all the students but we are glad to welcome each and every one to Collegedale and trust that this may be the best year in the history of the school…

Parents and friends are always welcome at Collegedale. During the past week among the large number of parents who brought their young people were: …

Mrs. Max Trummer, of Washington, D. C., brought Sarita, …




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