E. Max Trummer, Letters, 1923-1924

Review and Herald, Vol. 100, No. 24, June 14, 1923


THE Inter-American Division has arranged for what we trust may be the permanent opening of work in the republic of Colombia. Elder and Mrs. E. M. Trummer and their little one have reached Bogota, the capital, far in the interior. Their first message after arrival suggests the good hand of God over the work in that great field where we have heretofore done so little. From a letter to the mission board we take this:

“We are confident that the Lord has had a special care over us. It was our intention to take a fast boat up the river, and one of the newer ones, but the date was postponed from time to time, until we finally decided to take another boat. The ‘ express ‘ left three days after we did, but before it caught up with us we learned that it had had an explosion on board, in which two people were killed, several severely injured, and quite a little of the freight damaged. We had our furniture with us on the boat, and thanked the dear Lord that we had been led to take a safe boat, and no harm had befallen us.

” While waiting for the steamer in Barranquilla, the thought came to us that we might do some Harvest Ingathering, and improve the time. We had no papers with us, but we had several soliciting cards, and with the Lord’s blessing as our courage, we started our first Ingathering work in this field. With profound gratitude we are glad to tell you that in three days we were able to receive $365 for our missions. It is our hope that this may be only an example of the work which the Lord would have us do here, and we believe that God has much in store for us.

“Colombia is the second largest field in our union, coming next to Mexico. It has nearly six million souls, and is the last republic in South America to receive an organization of its own. Hence we feel that we need to expect great things of God, and attempt great things for Him. We hope that as soon as new workers are permitted to be taken on in the Inter-American Division, Colombia may be the first one to receive its first native evangelist. We have an experienced missionary in the colporteur work now, who we believe would make a fine worker for us.”



Review and Herald, July 19, 1923

WRITING from Bogota, Colombia, Elder E. M. Trummer, the director of that mission field, says, under date of June 4: “By the time this reaches you I expect to be on the Pacific side of our field, where a family has been keeping the Sabbath for, about two years. Probably we can have baptism at that time. Our colporteur boys report good interest in several places in the interior. In one place they held a study on the second coming of Christ, attended by twenty- five persons. We have already more calls than we can fill. We are in hopes that the goal for the next thirteenth Sabbath will overrun enough so we can be allowed our first Spanish evangelist.”



Review and Herald, Vol. 100, No. 40, November 29, 1923


THE third angel’s, message is finding its way into the hearts of the. people in South America, and progress is being made in places where the work has but recently been started. Evidence of .this is shown in two letters recently written by Elder E. M. Trummer concerning the work in Bogota, Colombia, South America:

” The last Sabbath in September was a very good day for the church, in Bogota, as we had the pleasure of, seeing three young men go forward in baptism. One of these is a merchant, who is the first one to have the courage to close his store on the Sabbath in this strong Catholic center. The other two brethren have entered the colporteur work with a will, and are happy in the Lord.

“The last month all our mission workers have taken a lively interest in the Harvest Ingathering work. Not only have we been able to make our work known here in the capital in a more favorable way, but the mission fields have also benefited from the donations received. At this writing we have already $400 in hand, in spite of the commercial crisis which seems to be passing over our field. We are contemplating work in two other cities, and we are confident that we shall have success there also. We are of good courage in the work, and with the brethren in the whole world field we are striving to hasten the coming of the Saviour.

A Trip to Montserrat

Brother Trummer also writes of the beliefs of the people, and the effect of their religion upon them. He says:

” Yesterday some of us went to visit the Montserrat. This is a mountain about a thousand feet above the; city, with a large church built on it, dedicated to the divine Lord of Montserrat. Here we met at least five hundred people who had come to worship, no doubt to receive a special indulgence. As we followed -the people to see the man of miracles, we saw old and young climbing the stairs upon their knees to a place where there was a dying saint in a glass case, the patron of the mountain. After the service many -people flocked to the front of the temple, where pictures of the saint, and candles and relics were sold at high prices to be dedicated to the saint for the benefit received. At dinnertime the people rushed to the rear of the church lot, where large crowds were busy serving meals, the chief drink being chicha, an .alcoholic beverage which is the curse of the poor people in this section of the country. Although the temple is a very costly building, with gilded altars, on the way down .the .mountain we saw people with all manner of sicknesses begging for a piece, of bread. What a contrast between profession and works!



The Inter-American Messenger, May, 1924, Vol 1, No. 2

From the western part of the Caribbean Union, over in Colombia, Pastor E. M. Trummer, director of the mission, writes from Barranquilla, where he and Sister Trummer have been laboring for a short time. He says:

“We are very thankful for the rich blessings God has given us on this trip. The first Sabbath, we had the joy of organizing our second church in this field here in Barranquilla. I ordained Brother Redondo as the local elder of this church of twelve, which is the fruit of his labor.

“Mrs. Trummer and I have been doing our Harvest Ingathering work in this city. However, as I had the institute work and the evening meetings, Mrs. Trummer has done all the soliciting. ‘ While I was out with the colporteurs, she spent over a week in Ingathering work, Brother Redondo’s daughter accompanying her. We are happy to tell you that we have been able to raise more than six hundred dollars in our campaign this year.

“We rejoice to be able to pass on to you the good news that word has come saying Pastor C. E. Knight and his wife are now planning to join our forces in this union soon. These earnest workers are not strangers to this field, and we bespeak a hearty welcome for these recruits as they come to strengthen the thin ranks of the Lord’s far flung battle line. It brightens the horizon of the future with the hope of more rapid advancement in the closing work for God.”





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