Review and Herald, Vol. 101, No. 13, March 27, 1924


OUR Harvest Ingathering campaign began early in the year, and was carried on at intervals until nearly the close of it, owing to the opportunity to visit some of the near-by cities. In the future, as the number of workers and believers increases, we shall be able to confine ourselves to a regular season.

Due to the fact that our work was not known, with the exception of the north coast, it was rather difficult to secure the free co-operation of the public. But we soon learned that we could overcome this, at least in part, by writing for the leading liberal newspapers about our work in educational and medical lines the world over; and that we were now ready to extend our efforts for the people of Colombia.

Before beginning in the capital, we prepared a memorial for the president of the republic, setting forth our principles of belief, and pledging ourselves to co-operate with him in his efforts to better the conditions of the people of this country. In every case we took pains to state that our denominatian carried on a campaign once a year to solicit funds for our philanthropic work. Thanks to the generosity of the foreign banks and commercial houses, a large number of the leading Colombian merchants were encouraged to give also, which enabled us to more than reach our goal. With the constant blessings of the Lord, we have received in all $1,000 (gold).

We met a number of men who were at once interested in our educational, temperance, and medical work, and we trust that we may be able to increase thils feeling of friendship. Even to those who could not give, or for some reason would not contribute to our work, we promised to return in a year, showing what good had been done in their vicinity. We fully believe that our next campaign will be more successful still.

It will not be amiss to say that we also met those who are jealous of our coming here. In a certain town, Mrs. Trummer and I had just made a promising beginning when, like a bolt from the clear sky, we were asked to appear in the office of the chief of police. Evidently, some one whom we had visited, wanted to make our work as difficult as possible, and had asked the mayor of the town to have us show our credentials for gathering funds from the public. Not being willing to accept the official solicitor’s card nor the statements of the treasurer in the Harvest Ingathering papers, this official was finally satisfied with the identification which the British consul gave of us, and we were allowed to resume our work.

It can easily be seen that to have been discredited by the mayor would have left us in a very doubtful position with those who had already given, and the town with perhaps others in the vicinity would have been closed to us in the future. We praise the Lord for overruling in behalf of His cause, E. M. TRUMMER.



Review and Herald, November 6, 1924

Progress in Colombia

IN a recent letter, E. M. Trummer, in charge of our Colombian Mission, relates some interesting experiences, indicating that the blessing of the Lord is attending the efforts put forth for the advancement of the truth in this difficult field. Speaking of their Harvest Ingathering effort, he says:

” Mrs. Trummer and I visited the governors of the department and the mayor of each city first, explaining our medical and educational work, and asking them to permit us to visit the business center once each year, with the view of soliciting funds for our work. In every case they seemed pleased to know that such a work was to be carried on among them.

” In Barranquilla, the main port, the son of the governor took us in his automobile to his lumber business place, and after giving us $10, had his chauffeur take us back to the center. We also received a donation from the ex-president.

” The Lord blessed us very much. In our campaign of seven weeks’ duration, we received $1,200.

” During that same time I was able to do considerable evangelistic work. We organized our second church in this mission. Indeed, the work is going forward in this field beyond our plans, to the praise of the Lord. Four have accepted the Sabbath in Medellin, the second important city in Colombia. We hope that we may see a little church organized in that city before the end of the year.

” In this mission we have baptized nineteen believers since coming here, making in all more than thirty members. And they are faithful. Bach month we have something like $100 in tithes.

” In Neiva, a departmental capital to the south of Bogota, the interest is developing, especially along the line of health and anti-alcoholism. On a recent visit to that place I was able to speak, thanks to the influence of a congressman, on these subjects to about three hundred people in the theater, as well as to the soldiers in the casino. Our literature has made us a number of friends in that place.

” During the next few weeks we want to send our temperance missionary paper to about five hundred municipalities where there are schools, hoping that we may thus get in contact with some of the teachers. All these things, with our lectures on health, serve to introduce the leaven of truth, where it will be working changes for good.”




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