Colombia Mission, 1925

Review and Herald, December 31, 1925


WHILE the message of the third angel has been given in this republic for about seven years, most of the time through our literature, the organization of this mission goes back only three years, thus making this field the last one to be entered in Spanish South America, and this notwithstanding the fact that Colombia is the second largest republic in this territory. The facilities for doing an appreciable work have been altogether inadequate, considering that we have six millions of people to be given this message. For nearly half the time we have had only one worker in the field, besides one native laborer.

Outside of the two little churches which we have in the capital and on the north coast, new interests are springing up from time to time. Immediately prior to the last meeting of the union committee, we were agreeably surprised by the visit of two believers who had come from the valley of Dupar, near the Venezuelan line to Barranquilla, a distance of 250 kilometers, to find the ” Sabatistas.” These men represented a group of seven who were keeping the Sabbath, and were desirous of being baptized. It had been only a year since they had seen a Bible, and through a friend received a copy of ” Our Day,” but an interview with them proved that they know our doctrines exceptionally well. All this time they have been waiting for one of our workers to instruct them, and to enjoy the privileges of baptism.

There ought to be one worker visiting continuously to take advantage of the interests which our missionary work is creating. With the division of this field into four missions, more intensive labor will be possible; but it is to be regretted that the new headquarters will have to wait so long for their occupants. If the workers had been already on the ground at the time of the redivision, so that they could have had the language at their command and been acquainted with the customs of the people, how much more would have been gained.

The need of educational efforts was quite apparent from the first, hence we have encouraged the opening of two little schools. Mrs. Trummer is also giving night lessons in the common branches to four young people of the church. Six members of the Missionary Volunteer band have already taken the examination in Bible doctrines in the Standard of Attainment course. A class is finishing its preparation for baptism, and we are advertising a new series of meetings at the capital. We are of the best of courage, and wish to give all the praise to the Lord for all that has been and may be done.


Bogota, Colombia.



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