Review and Herald, July 14, 1927


I AM certainly pleased to know that the Press Bureau work is still being emphasized, and there is no doubt in my mind but that the late and large ingatherings of people in our churches, is in an appreciable measure due to the constant presentation of the message in the daily press. With you, I believe that the Lord would not only have us use our own presses, but that the press of the world should be used as well in giving the most stirring news the dailies have ever presented. Mrs. Trummer and I have always believed in making friends with the editors of papers, ever since we were in Washington College. During the first tent effort in which we assisted, with Elder Gordon in Virginia, we wrote out the most outstanding points on the subjects given from evening to evening. Since we came to Colombia we have had some success in getting notices of our medical and educational work into the ” liberal” papers, in connection with our Harvest Ingathering campaigns. This has given us more standing with the people. This is particularly helpful when we are not known in a field. At the time of some light earthquakes in the capital, three years ago, we were able to put an article in the El Tiempo of Bogota about the frequency of such phenomena and their significance.

Since coming to Medellin we have had notices of our work and plans printed by the 5,000 and distributed them. Some time ago I gave some health lectures, and I had bill board notices printed. There were about 300 people out to hear me. I expect to do the same here in the mission hall.


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