Inter-American Division Messenger, April, 1929


Our mission is said to have the most conservative territory in Colombia. The foreigner has little chance as a merchant due to fanatical provincialism. This state of things has caused many of the most liberal families to move away from the immediate influence of the “ecclesiastical palace.”

In all our activities, we have met with opposition; and the Catholic dailies have been true to their duty to warn the public against going near us. Under these circumstances, it was hardly to be expected that we would have large audiences, as the people feared the consequences; and it was evident that our success would be, rather, in doing house to house work.

To show how closely we were watched in our activities, I will say that when I left home to help one of our native colporteurs, a telegram was sent saying the Adventists had left for the interior with large supplies of literature. The result was that the priest of the town discouraged the people from buying even our health book, and all except two merchants obeyed. In the next town, however, we were able to gain the confidence of the people through the rector of the university.

Considerable time has been consumed in finding a place of worship for our little church. Since any proprietor, who dares to rent us, shares our lot in persecution, it usually happens that we are obliged to change location about every six months.

We are deeply grateful to our present governor who has promised to protect us according to law; and we are profoundly grateful to the Lord that a recent attempt to deprive us of being tolerated as religious teachers was defeated by congress.

Our progress has not been phenomenal. But our first believers were eager to embrace the Message, and their constant missionary work has aided materially in augmenting the attendance at our meetings. A few weeks ago we had our fourth baptism.

Aside from the blessings of God, our onward march will depend on continuous distribution of literature and on house-to-house work; in the latter Mrs. Trummer takes an active part and re- places me when I am away from headquarters.

Medellin, Colombia.



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