Inter-American Division Messenger, July, 1930


About the middle of April we had the pleasure of visiting a little group of believers in Barranca Bermeja. We were very happy to see Brother Alfonso Bolivar, a faithful young man from our Medellin church, who a few months before, had gone to this country in search of work. We also met Brother Ramon Vasquez and his family. They had been anticipating a visit from Mr. Trummer, and was anxious to be baptized and be counted among God’s people.

Sabbath morning we held a little Sabbath school in the open kitchen, out in the back part of the house. This seemed to be the only place where we could meet in quietness and freedom to sing our hymns, and to study God’s Word. There were twenty present and no one seemed to mind the smoke from the open wood fire, but they were all eager listeners. From the time we sang our first song, and humbly invited the Lord’s presence, we felt that His promises were being fulfilled to us.

By way of a secretary’s report, Brother Bolivar was asked to relate what they had done on other Sabbaths. It was a very touching story that he gave. He told how lonesome he felt the very first Sabbath he found himself away from his beloved church and Sabbath school in Medellin. But he took His Bible and some reading matter and walked to a quiet place out of town. He did not remain alone very long, how- ever, for every person that chanced to pass that way would receive a friendly greeting from him and a leaflet to read. Some would linger to ask questions and would hear for the first time the strange story of Christ’s soon coming to earth to gather a people who had kept His commandments and were prepared to meet Him.

The following Sabbath this experience was repeated. By this time some were so interested that they visited him in his little room in the evening hours. One man from a distant town happened to come in touch with Brother Bolivar in this peculiar way. He was very anxious to learn all he could before returning to his home and long after the others had left he stayed and asked questions. When he arose to leave he told our brother he believed what he had heard was the truth, and promised to obey the light he had received.

Soon Brother Bolivar moved down the river, to Barranca Bermeja. On the Sabbaths he would meet with a few he had interested in the Message in a quiet place outside the village where their Sabbath school would be unmolested. Now there are seven who meet with them regularly.

On Sunday morning Brother Vasquez and his wife were baptized, and in the afternoon we all gathered again in the same place where the Sabbath school was held to celebrate the Lord’s supper.

Monday morning we had word that a boat would soon be leaving for the coast. We bade adieu to our dear friends and hastened aboard. As our boat was moving away from the bright banks of the river, and our brethren were waving farewell to us, our hearts were full of gratitude to God for the little group of loyal Adventists we were leaving behind and for the work accomplished by a sincere and consecrated young man.

Medellin, Colombia.



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