Pastor E. M. Trummer, who recently returned from a visit to the province of Caldas; Colombia, writes:

“I suppose you received the wire I sent you, while I was on my way home, in which I said that we had baptized fourteen new believers in Florenciana. Jorge Rendon, a young man from the Medellin church, was with me. He talked with the people between the meetings and led in the singing. It helped a great deal to have this brother along.

“In Taborda we had meetings four days. Here we found a family of eight interested persons. They had learned of the Message through the books we left on our former visit.

“A few days after our arrival at Taborda the priest came to the house where we were staying and told us that we had better leave since he did not care to restrain the people any longer from attacking us. We thought it best to go, but did not get away until the police had called us again to the mayor’s office, and the plaza was alive with unfriendly people.

“From here we went to Riosucio and studied the truth with a family there. They seemed very much interested and bought some of our books.

**On Friday evening we arrived in Florenciana. The Bible agent who had rescued me on a previous occasion, took us there. I certainly was glad to see him again. Sabbath morning 1 went to the river to pray. I asked the Lord to help us to do a good work for Him there and to keep the authorities from troubling us, or at least to have it result to His glory. To my surprise I found the police in the house when I returned. They had been dispatched to bring us, and the books we were selling, to Quinchia. We gave them some breakfast and asked them to stay for Sabbath school. This they consented to do. After dinner we started for Quinchia, a league and a half away. When we arrived there our fear was turned into joy for we were given permission to teach the people, but we could not distribute our books or papers. The main reason for my being called to this place seemed to be to give an account of my assault in Quinchia, seven months ago. I learned that the people had urged the authorities to bring the villians to justice and all that was lacking was my account of the case, and a copy of my credentials to make sure that I was a minister of the gospel. I am sure that we can thank the Lord for this victory. He always brings good out of evil. The lawyer with whom we stayed is a friend of ours and he is also a relative of the judge. The judge had a copy of ‘Our Day’ on his desk.

“We went back to Florenciana with a much lighter heart, I can assure you. Now we were able to organize a baptismal class. Fourteen were enrolled and baptized. Among them were the wives of the three men who were baptized recently in Medellin. Then there was an old man, eighty years of age, who was also baptized. He is nearly blind. How happy he was after the baptism! We had a wonderful experience with a young man who had been separated from his wife and children for several years. The Message united them again and what a happy reunion we witnessed! This young man was asked to take the leadership of the Sabbath school. We also celebrated the Lord’s supper at this place. Both in Florenciana and in Taborda we have about twelve people who are expecting to be baptized the next time we come.

“To the Lord be all the praise for the good done.”

Cali, Colombia.

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