Last month we heard about a great’ interest in the Bible in several towns near the Antioquian and Caldensian border. We were also told that they wanted some gospel literature, so Brother Anderson and I left for that region which is two days by horseback from Medellin.

Upon our arrival we were made very welcome and the first evening we had 30 attentive listeners to a talk on God’s power and the love of Christ. After a meeting of two hours, they still lingered, though many had to go several miles to their homes in the mountains. Only the promise of two meetings the next day made them willing to depart.

But the next day brought a strange surprise. The mayor had us call at his office, and we were forbidden to do any manner of teaching or to sell books. This was a great disappointment to the people for they had had only an occasional visit from a Bible colporteur about three years ago, who had aided them in the study of the Bible. Already there are more than forty families in that region who have declared themselves Protestants.

But although we were not permitted to teach the Bible, we had a signal victory in the office of the mayor. Having invited two of the leading Protestant citizens to go with us, we discussed our rights, pro and con, for two hours. Both halls had been filled with people, and others pressed hard against the windows to hear what was going on. All seemed to favor us, at least there was no discording sound. When the police saw that we were preaching to the crowd, they immediately drove the hearers out of the office.

We visited among the people the following days. Soon our visits brought us to another town where we had a study with half a dozen interested ones. Here we saw the only copy of our books, “Our Day,” which the owner appreciated very much.

Word had gone before us to the third town where another 40 to 50 families are breaking away from Catholicism. The mayor forbade us to teach there also although one of his committee is a Protestant. But we had several meetings in a large settlement near by. There we were met by about twenty persons who wanted a meeting as soon as we were off our horses. In the evening eighty dear people gathered to hear the gospel story. They had decided to leave the national church, and had their own cemetery ready and were finishing the construction of a school, which will also be used for their meetings.

Again we were forbidden under fine to continue meetings; and when the police were ordered to lead us out of the town territory, many bade us goodbye in tears. We assured them by faith that we would soon return.

Though I had received full guarantees from the departmental government to carry on my work, the local authorities took matters into their own hands and explained the laws to suit themselves. Please pray for us that the work of the Lord may have free course. (Acts 4: 24-30). I believe the Master has a great work in this region where there are already more than one hundred families calling for more of God’s Word, and the enemy’s hindrances will only make the victory more glorious.

Medellin, Colombia.



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