“THE ENTERING WEDGE”, Colombia, 1929

Inter-American Division Messenger, June 1929


Soon after beginning our work in Antioquia, we were face to face with the opposition of the arch-bishop. He not only denounced our preaching, but also prejudiced the people against our literature. However, we were not intimidated; for God never has, nor ever will, permit any man or company of men exclusive right to His Word. But if official decrees and the daily papers would keep the people from our chapel, then, as invincible believers in the power of our literature, we proposed to carry the Message in the printed page into the very homes of truth-seekers, so that they might have a chance to study it unobserved.

Hitherto, no success of any kind had been attained in this mission with religious books. Hence, we concluded that we should follow more closely the instruction of the Spirit of Prophecy to begin the work in new places along health lines. But having no sanitarium or clinic within our borders, we did the most logical thing which was to canvass for the health book, and thus gain the confidence of the people.

In view of these conclusions, I asked our native colporteur to take me to the leading doctors of the capital. I am pleased to say that every one of them received us favorably and during that week, with the Lord’s special blessing, we received a goodly number of the most influential signatures of the medical staff, including that of the doctor of the archbishop. These men also recommended “Home Physician” highly to the public.

My next desire was to canvass the governor. There also we met with favor. That first man in authority in the land not only gave a valuable indorsement of the foregoing names, as professionals of distinction, but had the seal of the province affixed to his signature. We certainly had every reason to praise God for crowning our efforts with such marked success. ‘

With the first three pages of the prospectus thus adorned, I started for one of the nearby cities where one of the bishops resides. It was easy work to secure the orders in the municipal offices and of the doctors; but, somehow, the merchants did not seem to want to follow suit at once. But soon I was to see how a kind providence removed the obstacle. While I was canvassing a merchant and endeavoring to study the situation, a man stepped into the store, joined in our conversation and presently asked me if I was not the minister of the Adventist mission. Assenting, I continued my canvass.

A few minutes later I noticed the same person with a priest in front of the bishop’s palace. “This,” I thought, “may mean that all my work here will be for naught,” remembering we had been called intruders by the archbishop.

There was only one solution and that was to see the bishop for myself. After an earnest prayer for the good of our work, I went to the palace. To my surprise, I found him to be quite friendly, and before leaving his library, he gave me an order, not for one, but for two copies of “Home Physician.” During the next half hour I secured six more orders from the priests. Then the merchants began to order readily.

This proved such a good way of canvassing in Antioquia that we have repeated the same plan in other provinces, and have had the same gratifying results. We now have on our list the names of four bishops, over one hundred priests, and many of the best families in the mission, although in the beginning the way looked so hedged up.

Superintendent Antioquena Mission.
Medellin, Colombia.




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