After Eleven Years, 1927



The Third Angel’s Message is known better today in the republic of Colombia than eleven years ago. At that time we had no members, and no interest in Bogota, the capital. The faithful work of Brethren Trummer, Cleaves, Nickle, Brower, and the lay members, and the good seed sown by the faithful colporteurs, have changed conditions. It did me good to attend the Bogota Sabbath school and see a membership of fifty, and hear the superintendent say, “All except two have studied the lesson every day.” Not only are the members enthusiastic about the Sabbath school, but every one is active in missionary endeavor. As I visited and canvassed different places, I met many who said to me, “I know your church, and what you preach.” It can truly be said of the members of Colombia, “Your obedience is come abroad unto all men.” Romans 16: 19.

Brother F. A. Brower and his band of colporteurs have done their part in adding members to the Central Colombia Mission. These ambassadors of the cross have to surmount obstacles that lest every ounce of faith and courage that they possess. There is no thrill in crossing the mountains and valleys on mule back. During the rainy season the colporteur is drenched with a continuous downpour, while his mule is frequently mired in the mud. But on go these faithful messengers of the Master, leaving many pages of truth in the homes of the people.

Going down the Magdalena, the chief river, and the commercial highway of the country to Puerto Berrio, I came to Medellin the capital of Antioquia, which lies 70 miles to the southwest of Bogota and is 4,823 feet above sea level. This city has a population of 92,000.

As I reached Medellin my mind went back to the time when Brother and Sister B. E. Connerly were doing their best to hold forth the light of truth there amid even stronger opposition than we have today.

I met Pastor Max Trummer in his new chapel, preparing for a strong evangelistic effort, that will give these people another opportunity to know the message for today. Opposition is strong, and it may be said that there is no other city in Colombia where the priests have so much power and influence. Nevertheless the people come; some sit down in the chapel, while others who fear being “excomulgado,” stand outside the open window.

The work of Brother Carl Christiansen has been greatly appreciated. With only a limited knowledge of Spanish, he has taken almost 1,000 subscriptions for our Spanish periodical, El Centinela. Pastor Trummer delivers personally 350 copies of this paper every month in Medellin. Brother A. Piedrahita, who in his childhood spent several years in a Catholic school, is today the only colporteur convassing for our large subscription books in Antioquia. From late reports he is doing very well.

In every place of business large placards with the words, “Al Mar,” are displayed. These advertise the road now under construction from Medellin to the Gulf of Uraba. It is to be finished inside of two years, and will make a way from the interior of Colombia to the Atlantic ocean. This undertaking signifies a breaking away from the old customs of isolation and a determination to get in touch with the outside world. There is no section in Colombia that is not enthusiastic about making a way to the sea. It will soon be possible for one to go by rail direct from Bogota to the Pacific Ocean. We who believe in the soon coming of Jesus can see in this struggle for an open way to the sea, a preparation for the rapid proclamation of the story of Him who is “The Way, the Truth, and the Life.” There is an awakening in that great republic that sooner or later will develop into a small reformation.

J. A. P. Green



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