Pastor E. M. Trummer, who is la- boring in one of the most strongly Catholic fields in our division, in a re- cent letter speaks of some of the hard- ships, and then adds, “we are very thankful to the Lord that He keeps us full of courage and leads us on toward success.”

“The people,” he continues, “appreciate practical work, such as opening schools and helping the poorer families to live better healthwise, A number of merchants told me in the Harvest Ingathering work, even last year, that they would send their children if we would open a school; and others have promised financial help. In the small circle about us, there is hardly a day that I am not asked what to do for this or that ailment.

“On one occasion a family was very thankful for my interest in them. Their fifteen-months-old baby had a serious intestinal infection. The doctor had given a number of medicinal remedies; but the little girl kept getting worse. They called me in, and I told them what I would do if she were my child; adding, however, ‘But you have your doctor, and I should not want to advise against him.’

“That night, when the life of the little one seemed to be slipping away, the parents decided to try my suggestion. The treatments were given, and the little girl rested better. With careful dieting, and continual treatments, they continued to pray for God’s blessings upon them. The following day she passed the crisis favorably, and in three days the parents said joyfully, ‘she is a new girl to us.’ They had not expected to keep her.

“How much we would be able to do for the people, if we only had a nurse here with us. The people then would get a real vision of what the mission of true Christianity is. Owing to all kinds of vice, physical and moral degeneracy is astoundingly great. How much real schools would do! I trust that when we have a number of Seventh-day Adventist children ready for the school, we can have a teacher for Medellin.”



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