We are grateful to the Lord for the army of consecrated youth in the Atlantic Colombia Mission. Of the churches in Colombia, perhaps Barranquilla enjoys the largest amount of youthful talent. Recently we had the pleasure of a visit from Elders H. T. Elliott and G. A. Roberts as they passed through the city. While here, they spoke to the membership, and on closing his sermon, Elder Elliott asked how many of the young people present wished to have a part in the proclamation of the message. Seventy-five stood in response.

It is calculated that of the 503 baptized members in the Atlantic Colombia Mission, 300 are young people between fourteen and thirty years of age. Five of this number are church school teachers, ten are taking the printed page from home to home, and some sixteen will leave within the next few days for Medellin, where they will enroll in our training school.

In the city of El Carmen, Santander del Norte, we have a church of live young people who love the message and are doing what they can to evangelize that region. Recently one of our consecrated young people of Barranquilla was sent to El Carmen as church school teacher. Not long ago a letter was received from Brother Jose Galvis, telling how the message entered that place. The following is taken from his letter:

“In partial fulfilment of the words of Holy Writ: ‘And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come,’ Elder Max Trummer came to this town the last of April, 1936, and began a series of meetings. He placed over the entrance of the hall the inscription, ‘Adventist Meetings.’ Later, that inscription was burned at the door of the chapel.

“One day we heard voices shouting, ‘Down with the Adventists! Down with the Adventists!’ Brother Trummer admonished us all to be calm and look in faith to the One that has all power. He said, ‘We are not alone, brethren. God will protect us. God always cares for His children.’ Such was the sincerity of faith of those charter members. They were not shaken before the attacks of the enemy. The meetings continued until a company was raised up of individuals whose lives are a marvel to the world. They are cheerful, they prize the glad tidings of salvation, and they are resolved to win souls for Christ. They believe winning souls for Christ is a responsibility that should be considered sacred and of supreme importance to every Seventh-day Adventist believer.

“We desire that this church, by the blessing of God, may continue to grow in Christian grace and in the realization of souls won, even amid the shouts that are still heard, ‘Down with the Adventists!'”



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