Australia or Desire of Ages

Fourteenth Meeting

August 7, 1891. 3:00 P.M.

All the Members of the Committee present except Elder Underwood (Olsen, chair, Loughborough, Jones, Kilgore, Haskell, Robinson, White, Colcord, Secretary); and Sister White by previous arrangement.

The meeting was opened with prayer by Elders Haskell and Olsen.

The meeting being called specially for the purpose of giving Sister White an interview with the Committee, the reading of the minutes of the last meeting was waived.

Sister White stated before the Committee that on account of various other lines of work coming upon her for some time past, she had written but little as yet on the “Life of Christ,” but that matters had so shaped themselves, and her physical and mental conditions were such that she could not continue writing this work, but that should she pursue this course she could not go to Australia for a year yet, and consequently she wished advice in the matter.

Elder White stated that until recently it appeared to him it was evident that either the writing of the book or the going to Australia would have to be indefinitely postponed.

Elder Olsen inquired if there were not as good prospects for the writing of the book over in Australia, as here, to which Sister White replied by asking, “Who knoweth?”

It was thought that if she went to Australia and continued to write articles for the different denominational papers, the General Conference should furnish her a competent stenographer to report her addresses and to prepare them for the paper.

Breakfast time arrived before any decision was reached, and the Committee adjourned to 3:00 P.M.

DJVU page 49/78

Fifteenth Meeting,

6. That it is the sense of the Committee that Sister White, if consistent with her convictions, and Eld. W.C. White go to Australia on the “Monovai,” which sails about the middle of October next.

After considering the matter of supplying suitable help for Sister White, the Committee adjourned to 7:30 P.M., August 8.

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