EGW and GC Executive Committee, July, 1890

Champion of Proper Support for Ministers and Their Families

General Conference Committee, Ninth Meeting, July 16th, 1890, p. 3.

Sister White said: “There is another matter which I wish to bring before the Committee. It is in reference to our ministers who are sick and dying, and their families. What can be done for them? They have labored hard, and have given of their scanty earnings for the advancement of the cause. Should not some provision be made for their support and the support of their families?”

Eld. Olsen said: “The providing of a fund for the support of invalid ministers, is on the list of subjects for consideration at this meeting.”

Sister White said that she had been shown in the past that ministers would die because they do not have the support they need. When Bro. Sperry was sick and had constant hemorrhage of the lungs, she was shown that our ministers should guard against straining their lungs by loud speaking or speaking too long. It was shown her also that a sermon one-half an hour long would frequently be all the people could retain. Our ministers should be careful of their health, that their minds may be clear; and if they do fail, we should step in and hold them up and support them.

She feels that a fund should be raised for the support of invalid ministers and is sure that God will bless in raising it.

Eld. Olsen asked Sister White if she had any plan in mind for raising such a fund. She replied that she had no special plan in mind.

Eld. White suggested that the two funds open in the REVIEW, might, with a little effort, be filled up very soon, and a fund for the support of invalid ministers take their place.

The time having come, the Committee adjourned to call of chair.

The chair announced the next meeting at 2:00 P.M.


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