Relocating Lornedale Academy, Choices

Canadian Union Messenger, October 3, 1911, p. 154



I have an important mat ter I would like to have you consider, and then I shall be pleased to have each one who is interested enough to do so, write me your advice as well as any suggestions you feel free to offer.

If you have been reading the MES SENGER of late, you are acquainted with the movement that has been made for locating the Academy in another place. Brother Terwillegar has offered us one hundred acres as a gift for this new location. The land he offers is his ” old home farm ” near Oshawa. The farm is somewhat run down because of being in the hands of renters for several years.

The soil, although not the best, could be brought to a state of fertility beyond what we had in the old farm at Lome Park if it were fertilized. Some object to the farm because it lies back from the Kingston road about three quarters of a mile, and therefore would not be an ideal place on which to build. There are one hundred and thirty-five acres lying beside this farm, and extending to the Kingston road, on which we have an option for four thousand dollars. Part of this farm is hilly, and the people who own it have not taken very good care of it; as a result it, also, is run down. It is well watered, and would make good pasture land as well as furnish a building spot on the Kingston road; and would be about one mile from Oshawa.

The radial line which has been surveyed from Toronto through to Oshawa passes across the front of this place. Oshawa is a good town with good railroad facilities.

Now the question:—

Would you rather have the locating committee buy the one hundred and thirty-five acres for four thousand dollars, which joined to Brother Terwillegar’s farm would make two hundred and thirty-five acres iii all; build the school upon it, and be no more more in debt than we are at Lorne Park; or shall we buy a farm of perhaps one hundred acres of better soil, and put the farm in debt from four to six thousand dollars more than we are at present.

Now I wish each one who feels an interest in this matter, would write me your answer as I do not wish to move unadvisedly, and place a debt upon you which you will not feel able to meet.

The two hundred and thirty-five acres are in the fruit belt, and would be good for dairying also. It is now worth from eight to ten thousand dollars.

At the present time we are in debt on the old school property close to three thousand dollars.



Canadian Union Messenger, October 17, 1911, p. 164

The locating committee has decided to accept Brother C. D. Terwillegar’s offer, and locate the school at Oshawa. Surely two hundred and thirty-five acres of land should give a few boys employment, and thus provide a way for school advantages.


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