Temperance Week, O.M.C., 1959

Canadian Union Messenger, March 4, 1959

A temperance week featuring the many aspects of healthful living was conducted at O.M.C, February 1-7 by Kenneth Manuel temperance committee chairman; David Gay, assistant chairman; Janet Self, secretary; Linda Craig, treasurer and Mr. David Igler, speaker.

Temperance topics were presented in five joint worship sessions in the evening, two chapel services, and the Friday evening vesper service. “Cancer by the Carton”, a motion picture dealing with the harmful effects of tobacco and “Out of the Night”, another picture presenting the fact that an alcoholic can reform only with God’s help were presented in two of the meetings. Highway patrolman P. C. “Casey” Hilliard spoke in another session of his observation that most highway accidents are in some way related to alcohol. In one of the chapel services Dr. W. C. Sands discussed tobacco, cigarette filters and lung cancer. Other speakers were Rev. Smalley of the Ontario Temperance Federation and Elder Rudy Knauft.

At each session except the Friday evening vespers Roy Malcolm gave a short punch in words, statistics, dialogue or demonstration form, against various kinds of intemperance.

After the close of the special week the committee launched into other activities. They are planning to sponsor a temperance contest which will include speeches, essays, poster preparation and jingle writing. It is their hope to post some of the winning jingles on the highways near Oshawa. Also the committee is planning a Sabbath church service in the College Church to emphasize temperance February 28.


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