Lornedale, 15 000 Boxes of Strawberries

Canadian Union Messenger, August 2, 1910


WE are glad to announce that the work here is getting along nicely this summer. We picked nearly fifteen thousand boxes of strawberries, and up to the present nearly three thousand boxes of raspberries. Other crops are doing quite well. The prices of fruit are a little better than last year, so there is a prospect of the farm clearing a little money this year.

Because I have been kept so close to the farm work this summer I have had little opportunity to look around for students, so I wish to ask that all who are expecting to enter school at the opening to send me their names at once so we may know how full the school is to be, and whether we will have room for all. We will be glad also to receive names of those who ought to be in school.

We feel that we are very fortunate in securing help of Prof, and Mrs. L. A. Jacobs of Cedar Lake Michigan for the coming year. They have both had several years successful experience in our denominational schools, both church schools and academies, and will be of great help to us here. They will take charge of the home, and help in the teaching as needed.

Miss Mabel Patterson will teach English and Music, while Brother Jacobs can teach Band and Orchestra instruments.

Let all join in an effort to make this the best year Lornedale Academy has seen.

H. T. CURTIS, Prin.


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