Nathan Wagar, 1883-1956

Canadian Union Messenger, December 9, 1913

BROTHER NATHAN WAGAR, who recently gave up his work in Oshawa to enter the service of the Ontario conference, is now located at Peterboro, and has entered vigorously into the colporteur work, visiting and teaching the people and selling magazines and books. Brother Wager reports success already, and he desires to be remembered at the throne grace, that he may receive help in time of need.

Canadian Union Messenger, May 2, 1933

What God is Doing

Oshawa: Bro. Nathan Wagar and his faithful associates are completing their winter’s effort. It is well to bear in mind that this is the third success ful effort held in the city by these God-fearing men. The latest report from Brother Wagar is that fifteen have taken their stand for the message. Surely the work in this place has been blessed of the Lord. Souls are being won because of the well-planned methods considered by the entire membership of the church, and hard work by those who are giving Bible studies and visiting homes. Much prayer ascends to heaven in behalf of the interested ones. This laymen’s effort is an example of success to the conference, and is inspiring local elders in other churches to accomplish more for Christ.


Canadian Union Messenger, February 13, 1940

Mr. Nathan Wagar, manager
of the College Woodwork, in answer
to many requests, began another se
ries of Evangelistic meetings in the
Oshawa City church, Jan. 28. For
his first meeting the church was fil
led with sixty-five strangers. The
College Male Quartette is assist
ing Mr. Wagar with songs of the


Canadian Union Messenger, Nov. 21, 1951

Oshawa Missionary College, “EDUCATION FOR ETERNITY”

Earn While You Learn at O. M. C.

“Students who have gained book
knowledge without gaining a knowl
edge of practical work cannot lay
claim to a symmetrical education. Edu
cation does not consist in using the
brain alone. Physical employment is a
part of the training essential for every
youth. An important phase of educa
tion is lacking if the student is not
taught how to engage in useful labor.”
Counsels to Parents, -p. 307-8.

It was because of such instruction
and to help students defray their ex
penses that the leaders years ago estab

lished the College Woodwork. God re
warded the faith and efforts these men
put forth through the years until today,
under the leadership of Bro. Nathan
Wagar, our factory enjoys a good
reputation throughout the Dominion,
for manufacturing top quality, unfinish
ed furniture, ironing boards, step lad
ders, clothes driers, etc. These products
are shipped to stores from Halifax to

During the past fiscal year, the fac
tory enjoyed sales to the amount of
$131,253.61. This enabled us to give

)abor to students amounting approxi
mately to $10,000.00. This has given
opportunity for young people to obtain
a Christian education who could not
have done so otherwise. Several stu
dents have, by staying during the sum
mer months, earned all of their school
expenses, others have earned at least
half of their way, and while earning
and obtaining an education, each one is
getting a practical experience that will
be useful in later life.

At the present time there are open
ings for energetic young men wo are
desirous of going to school to earn a
large share of their expenses. Perhaps
there are those in the field who would
desire to come now and enjoy the school
association and work up credit for the
next school year, thereby being able to
earn all of their expenses. There might
be an experienced
mill man who would
like employment
where he could send
his children to a
Christian school.

Opportunities are
open at the present
at Oshawa Mission
ary College. If you
are interested please
write to W. A.
Sowers, president,
Oshawa Missionary
College, Oshawa,
Ontario. Canada.

Canadian Union Messenger, August 8, 1956

WAGAR—Nathan Jacob Wagar, born at Tamworth, Ontario, April 3, 1883. passed to his rest on July 17, having lived a full, rich, and exemplary life. He will be greatly missed by the church, the community, and a host of friends. Many there are, who in the day of our Lord’s appearing, will rejoice to see Him come because Brother Wagar pointed the way.

His boyhood years were spent in the rural surroundings of his log cabin home, where he early learned the principles of true Christian living. In 1903 he married Edith H. Parks, and to them was born one son, Harold Kenneth Wagar, now living in St. Petersburg, Florida. Two years after his marriage Brother Wagar joined the Seventh-day Adventist church.

In 1912 he came with his family to reside in Oshawa, where for several years he was a highly esteemed employee of General Motors. For a time he was the leader of the literature work in the Ontario Conference, and in 1935 the board of trustees of Oshawa Missionary College elected him to take charge of the College Woodwork factory. He gave sixteen years of faithful and efficient service here and endeared himself to all with whom he worked. He retired from this position three years ago.

The funeral service was conducted by Elder V. E. Collins, assisted by Eiders G. E. Jones and C. G. Maracle. Brother Wagar was laid to rest in Mount Lawn Cemetery, Oshawa, to await reunion with his loved ones on the resurrection morning.



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