Frederick Carnes Gilbert, Biographical Chronology

1867, Born, September 30, London, England

1889, Baptized as SDA

Colporteur, nine months

1889-1890, South Lancaster Academy
1890-1891, South Lancaster Academy, as a student, worked in laundry
1894, Spring, Graduated.

1894, June, Began work among the Jews of Boston

“Ten years working for the Gentiles”

1901, Mrs. F.C. Gilbert, Assistant Sabbath School Department

Review and Herald, July 23, 1901


TUE thirty-first annual session of the New England Conference was held in connection with the camp-meeting at Springfield, Mass., June 20-30, at which time the following-named officers were elected, and resolutions passed: —

President, A. E. Place; Vice-Prcsident, M. D. Mattson; other members of the Executive Committee, D. B, Parmelce, D. M. Hull, K. C. Russell; Secretary and Treasurer, H. B. Tucker; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. E. T. Palmer; Auditor, G. W. Palmer; Canvassing Agent, H. C. Wilcox; Secretary and Treasurer of the Sabbath-school Department, Miss Fannie Dickcrson, with Mrs. F. C. Gilbert as assistant.

1904-5, Central New England Conference, South Lancaster, Minister

1910, Central New England Conference, Secretary, Jewish Department, South Lancaster, Minister

1915, Officer in GC Foreign Department

1920, General Conference, Jewish Advisory Committee, Superintendent, South Lancaster

1920, Editor of YIDDISH periodical, The Present Issues: 28-page quarterly; 50 cents a, year; Pacific
Press Pub. Assn., Brookfield, Ill.:

1930-1946, General Field Secretary, General Conference

1944, Mrs. F.C. Gilbert died, January 5, Takoma Park, Md.

1947, F.C. Gilbert died, August 31, Takoma Park, Md.

Source: SDA Yearbooks


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  1. Advent Perspective Says:

    […] F. C. Gilbert was converted from Jewry to become a Seventh-day Adventist minister, and devoted much of his time to the illumination of the New Covenant in the light of his rich Hebraic heritage. […]

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