F.C. Gilbert, Autobiography Digest

From Judaism to Christianity

Chapter One Parentage and early life

Chapter Two A Jewish home

Chapter Three Youthful education

Chapter Four Jewish Confirmation and beginning to work

Chapter Five Failing health and leaving home

Chapter Six On the shores of America

Chapter Seven God works in a mysterious way

Chapter Eight How God led me to the Saviour

Chapter Nine A call to work for the LORD JESUS

Chapter Ten My experiences as a colporteur

Chapter Eleven A fitting for the work

Chapter Twelve Beginning to labor for my Jewish brethren

Chapter Thirteen Ten years in Gentile evangelistic work
Chapter Fourteen Reconciliation with my mother and family

Chapter Fifteen Where is the LORD God of Elijah?

Chapter Sixteen A great burden for my Jewish brethren

Chapter Seventeen How God led in opening our first Jewish mission

Chapter Eighteen Arousing the Christian people in behalf of the work among the Jews

Chapter Nineteen Interesting experiences in working among the Jews

Chapter Twenty Some seed falling on good ground

Chapter twenty-one What to do with the outcasts of Israel

Chapter twenty-two The persecution of the Jews

Chapter twenty-three The prospects for the future


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