Robert Brinsmead

One Hundred Twenty-Ninth Meeting

November 2, 1961, 10:00 A.M.


M. V. Campbell, F. L. Peterson, Wesley Amundsen, R. A. Anderson, V, G. Anderson, W. R. Beach, 0. A. Blake, W. P. Bradley, J. E. Chase, E. E. Cossentine, E. W. Dunbar, H, T. Elliott, A. C. Fearing, R. R. Figuhr, T. R. Flaia, M.D., J. 0. Gibson, Richard Hamruill, R. R. Hegstad, Mazie Herin, W. A. Higgins, H.W. IClaser, I. E. Lenheim, H. W. Lowe, F. R. Millard, C. E. Moseley, Jr., W. E. Murray, W. B. Ochs, A. V. Olson, C. E. Palmer, J. W. Peeke, E. E. Roenfelt, W. A. Scharffenberg, Walter Schubert, Clark Smith, F. A. Soper, C. L. Torrey, G. E. Vandeman, E. R. Walde, R. S. Watts


A. W. Cormack, N. W. Litchfield, R. Ruhling

M. V, Campbell, Chairman, read selections from the Testimonies to the Church, volume 9, pages 19-21, under the heading “Called to be Witnesses.” He read the portion beginning with “In a special sense Seventh-day Adventists have been set in the world as watchmen and light bearers.” He closed with the statement “Their every business transaction is to be fragrant with the presence of God.”

Opening prayer by E. R. Walde.

MINUTES of the meeting held October 19, 1961 were approved.


The Secretary gave information concerning the activities of Robert and John Brinsmead, formerly of Australia, and who have been active in Australia, the United States, and Canada. Since their eachings were at variance with certain doctrines held by this denomination, they were afforded opportunity for a hearing by the General Conference. A group of the brethren listened to them, and answered their questions. This group made a report to the General Conference Officers. The report was a denial of the peculiar beliefs they teach, and also called attention to the fact that these men were carrying on activities outside the denominational framework. The Brinsmead brothers were requested to desist from their activities, to return to Australia, and to harmonize with their brethren there and settle the matter. John Brinsmead returned to Australia. It is understood that Robert Brinsmead has continued on here. The Office of the Research Committee has prepared a statement entitled “The History and Teaching of Robert Brinsmead,” and it is proposed that the circulation of the statement in the form of a leaflet be approved by the General Conference Committee. It was

VOTED, To approve the circulation of the leaflet entitled “The History and Teaching of Robert Brinsmead,” and that the following statement be placed on the leaflet: Prepared in the Office of the Research Committee, approved by the General Conference Officers and Union Conference Presidents of North America; distribution authorized by the General Conference Committee.

page 1099

General Conference Committee Minutes, Autumn Council, October 18, 1963, p. 432


H. W. Lowe said that the document entitled “Some Current Errors in Brinsmead Teachings,” prepared by the Defense Literature Committee, has been sent to union and local presidents, and to the heads of major institutions. He suggested that the leaders present may wish to place some of these documents in the hands of their workers. The cost is 50 cents each, plus postage. This document, if placed in the hands of local pastors, will enable them to meet the teachings of those who are in opposition. It has a table of contents and an index that is very readily usable.

VOTED, That authorization be given for providing a copy of the document also to the members of the General Conference Committee in korth America.

The Australasian Record, February 9, 1959

BRINSMEAD-MANN. In the Presbyterian church, Gootamundra, N.S.W., on December 29, 1958, Valorie Eva Mann and Robert Daniel Brinsmead were united in marriage before the witness of well-wishing relatives and friends. The very happy couple have taken up residence at Cooranbong and will continue their training for service in the Adventist organization. The bride is a school teacher and is the only child of Brother and Sister M. Mann, formerly of Gootamundra. The bridegroom is in training for evangelism. May God bless them in their promising future. W. M. R. Scragg.


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