F. C. Gilbert and Christ’s Object Lessons, 1902

The Union Conference Record (Australia), September 15, 1902


THE following experiences in the sale of ” Christ’s Object Lessons ” by Pastor F. C. Gilbert of South Lancaster, Massachusetts, U. S. A., are so good, that we take this method of passing them on for the edification and encouragement of others :—*

“Some two years ago, soon after the testimony was written with regard to” Christ’s Object Lessons,” it was read to us at a conference at South Lancaster. It impressed me very much, and I felt that I had a duty to perform in connection with it.- I told my wife that the Lord had sent a ” test ” to His people in this book, and by the grace of God I proposed to stand this test. I kept right on in my work of the ministry, and at the same time sold the books; so that in a short time I had disposed of nearly one hundred copies.

How I do rejoice to see the testimony of God confirmed. I then began to visit some of the churches in the New England Conference with other brethren, and the Spirit of the Lord witnessed to the labors with power, and I saw in the early part of this effort a scene which fulfilled to the very letter that statement which said that the book “Christ’s Object Lessons” would unify the churches. One of the older churches in this conference had been broken up for years, in a measure, on account of an old grudge which had been harbored by brethren ; even being transmitted to posterity. And I had the pleasure of seeing these brethren and their wives sit down at the same .table, eat of the same food, and embrace each other, and offer to loan money to pay for the books, because one of them was too poor to do it. My soul rejoiced and magnified the name of the Lord for His blessed and precious Word, and the means He has by which to accomplish His own work.

Soon after the General Conference last spring I again enlisted in the work, to help finish the quota in our conference, and here again I saw the “testimony” wonderfully fulfilled.

I started to visit and to assist some of our churches again, and especially the Haverhill Church. While here, I was impressed to attend one of the Baptist churches in the place, their prayer meeting. The minister had inquired of me before, as I had once spoken in the place at the laying of the foundation stone of the Jewish Synagogue. Perhaps you may be aware that I was born and brought up a Jew, and lived in that faith till some fifteen years ago, and thirteen years ago the blessed Lord Jesus revealed Himself to me, and saved my soul. Since then the blessedness of salvation and the glories of the Third Angel’s Message have filled my soul with joy and gladness. For nine years I have been devoting my energies and strength in preaching Jesus Christ and Him crucified, seeking to show to men what a wonderful and most blessed redeemer is Jesus.

So at this time the minister wanted to know of some one if I ever came to the city, and if so, he wanted to see me. Hence I was impressed to go this particular evening to his prayer meeting, and to my surprise received an invitation to speak. The people became so interested in the Word of God that they wanted me to speak the next Sunday, though there were other speakers to take the service, Then a new field opened up to me, and since that time, a little over three months, I have had the privilege of speaking between twenty and thirty times to some twelve to fifteen different churches and denominations, and selling hundreds of copies of ” Christ’s Object Lessons.” At least six ministers of these different denominations have made public announcements from the pulpit concerning this book, and have invited me to finish what they could not say. They have given me the names of some of their best people, and I have visited these people in their homes, and many have become deeply interested in the peculiar points of our faith.”



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