F. C. Gilbert, Business Attitude

October 29, 1905


A.G. Daniells, G.A. Irwin, I.H. Evans, G. B. Thompson, K. C. Russell, J. E. Froom, W. A. Spicer, and Elder F. C. Gilbert.

G.A. Irwin in the chair.


The meeting was called at the request of Brother Gilbert, who asked counsel as to his work in behalf of the Jews. He explained the plan of work, the New England Conference paying his salary and traveling expenses in local S. D.A. church work, but his general traveling expenses, however, in work over the country and among outside churches being paid by contributions gathered.

The question came up as to how this work should be operated to avoid the plan of having funds sent to private individuals to be expended on individual judgment without accounting to a recognized body.

It was, agreed that it would be proper for Brother Gilbert to ask the Atlantic Union office to handle the accounts and to make provision so that he will be able to account to the Union for all money received, and expended, thus avoiding giving opportunity for any criticism.


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