1897, Lulu Wightman, Wallace

New York Indicator, July 28, 1897


ON Wednesday, May 19, we came to Wallace, Steuben Co., a village of three hundred inhabitants, and began an effort in the Wallace Union church. A great interest was manifested from the beginning. God has blessed the work here. The result is, fifteen noble souls have taken a decided stand for the truth that makes us free from the worst of all bondages—sin; and a Sabbath-school of twenty-two members has been organized.

We were challenged for a debate on the Sabbath question by an Antinomian minister. We sent for Elder Place, who arrived on the 6th inst., accompanied by Elder Raymond, and the debate began the same evening, and continued five nights, the no-law man affirming “that the Bible teaches that the Seventh-day Sabbath has been abrogated,” and Elder Place taking the negative side of the question. Crowds were in attendance, some coming as far as eight miles. The excitement was intense, and God be praised. We were given the victory, and the truth prevailed. Our opponent failed signally in his effort to show that the law of ten commandments had been abolished, while our brother summed up the matter in a masterly manner.

The “affirmatives ” were not willing to have an expression taken at the close of the debate ; but after a careful canvass I am certain had an expression been taken, we should have had over three fourths, or, perhaps, even four fifths of those present on the right side, viz., that those ten precepts are still binding upon Christians. Elders Place and Raymond have since delivered five sermons to large and appreciative audiences, and the prospects are yet good. One more soul has been added since the debate. The spirit exhibited on the affirmative side helped her to decide for the right.

Brother Place leaves to-morrow morning for Gas Springs, where a young company of sixteen members are flourishing. The brethren here are loth to part with him so soon, but hope to meet with him often again, if not here, then in that new and beautiful land of Canaan just beyond, where the saints may rest from their labors. Pray for the continuance of the good work here, and for the blessings of Christ to rest upon this new company.


July 15.

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