1898, Lulu Wightman, Silver Creek

New York Indicator, November 16, 1898


RESULTING from the giving of the message at Silver Creek, four souls—two brothers and two Sisters—have begun the observance of the Sabbath, and a number of others are in a promising condition. The Presbyterian and Methodist ministers have opposed the truth strongly.

A union meeting was held in the largest church on Sunday evening, and the Methodist man preached against the Sabbath. His arguments briefly stated were ”Seventh Part of Time Theory,” “Lost Time Question,” “Law only given to Jews and abolished at the Cross,” and “Early Fathers.” I attended, and announced by permission, that I would review the discourse the following evening. Our hall was crowded and many turned away, and it was the consensus of opinion expressed by those present that the truth had gained a decided victory. Shall now present the “State of the Dead,” which, it is clear to be seen will also receive vigorous opposition, as it already has. May the Lord grant that those who are almost persuaded may quickly become fully persuaded that this is the good way and to walk therein.



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