1899, Lulu Wightman, Angola

New York Indicator, Feb. 15, 1899


I AM now engaged in an effort for the people of Angola, a village of seven hundred inhabitants, in Erie Co. The first meeting was held Jan. 17. The first two weeks the attendance was from one hundred fifty to two hundred persons nightly. Since, from seventy-five to one hundred twenty-five have attended nightly. Five denominations are represented hero, and I am informed that nearly one half the town are Catholics. From twenty-five to thirty Catholics attend the meetings regularly, and tho the work of the papacy has been faithfully presented, they are still coming.

One lady (a Methodist) after hearing the “Change of the Sabbath ” has accepted of the Sabbath truth, and is rejoicing in it. Many are convicted. I am hopeful that others will accept upon hearing the remainder of the Sabbath truths. The subject of “Church and State in the United States,” was listened to with marked attention last evening, and at the conclusion a good number of the religious liberty tracts on “Church and State” were taken. ‘ Anyone having an idle copy of the Signs of Feb. 17, 1898, please send it to me.

Brethren, do not forget to pray for the work in this field, to ask God to bless, for it is a peculiar field in which only the Lord of hosts can gain the victory.


Feb. 7.


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