1952 Bible Conference, Esteb

From all the world our leaders came
And all united in one holy aim:
To search the Word of God with open heart,
Receiving what His Spirit might impart.
We did not meet to merely speculate
Upon vague theories of some nation’s fate.
Instead we journeyed back on wings of time
To hear Christ speaking forth His truths sublime,

To test our modern thinking by His thought,
And square our faith and practice, as we ought,

By His divine example, word, and deed,
And make the life of Christ our only creed!

We came like children come, without restraints,
To hear truth “once delivered to the saints,”
And thrilled to find the message just as pure
As then, and certain as the stars endure.

We stood with Moses on the mount and saw
Majestic fire as God proclaimed His law.
We found the truth struck home with greatest force
When we had traced the doctrines to their source.

We stood with prophets and the saints of old
And thrilled to see the points of truth unfold.

We saw Ezekiel’s valley o£ dry bones,
And heard the prophet’s agonizing groans
As he beheld the hosts of Israel dead—
Their dried-up bones o’er all the valley spread.

What transformations as the breath o£ God
Brought forth an army from the barren sod!

We caught a glimpse o£ chariots of fire,
And felt Elisha’s need and great desire
For double portion of the Spirit’s power
To help us meet the challenge of this hour.
But when Elijah’s chariot rent the skies,
Elisha’s hands reached up to grasp the prize.

We found, while waiting at the Master’s feet,
The honeycomb still yields its precious sweet;
The Rose of Sharon fragrance fills the air
Within His garden at the hour of prayer.
We found Christ sitting for His portrait still
In every true disciple who would will
To take the time to tarry in His sight,
Adjust the focus, and let in the light.

We found the sanctuary held the key
To understand the gospel’s harmony—
The hub around which all the doctrines cling,
And, like the stars, within their orbits swing.
Within the temple came the vision fair
Of Christ our Righteousness, beyond compare.

We saw King Jesus lifted up on high,
With holy power to bless and beautify!

And there, within the veil, we saw the throne-
The throne of mercy where our needs are known;

Where Jesus ever lives to intercede,
Imputes His righteousness to meet our need,
Imparts His holy life and power
To live the Christian life from hour to hour.

For thirteen days we drank from ancient wells
While organ music in majestic swells
Increased its tempo and crescendo tone
To blend with angel voices round God’s throne.

We heard sweet music from the holy land,
Which greatly strengthened ev’ry heart and hand.

Then leaders stood, when came the closing days,
In consecration, and with holiest praise
They pledged to carry back to all the world
Christ’s flag of righteousness to be unfurl’d;
To lift the torch of living truth far higher,
And give His message with our souls on fire;
To lift the Christ of God on high.
“EVANGELIZE!” became the battle cry!

Adlai A. Esteb



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