Meade MacGuire, Ministry Association

Review and Herald Anniversary Issue, December 29, 1938

The work in the association grew apace until it was beyond the limits of its secretary. Hence, Elder Daniells had two associate secretaries, Meade MacGuire and L. E. Froom to assist him in his work. Elder MacGuire joined the secretary in field work, while Elder Froom cared for the office end, A vigorous correspondence was carried on with the workers through-out the world field and continual help was ottered in the best methods of service.

Elders Daniells and MacGuire held many workers’ institutes and urged a deeper spirituality and greater seeking after God.


Light Bearers to the Remnant, pages 482, 483, R. W. Schwarz, 1979

… Throughout 1923,1924, and 1925 Daniells held a succession of ministerial institutes (“retreats” we would call them today) in the various North American unions. As he exalted Jesus, showed the need for a personal relationship with Him, and stressed making love for Christ central to every Adventist doctrine, many hearts were moved. Daniells pointed out the necessity for an experiential righteousness by faith before the outpouring of the latter rain, the sounding of the loud cry, and Christ’s return

in glory and majesty. Men such as Meade MacGuire, Taylor Bunch, and LeRoy Froom caught his enthusiasm and enlisted their voices and pens in the cause of revival and reformation. First MacGuire and then Froom joined Daniells as assistants in the Ministerial Association.

Froom, who had been editor of the Watchman, came primarily to assist Daniells prepare literature expanding on the material presented at the ministerial institutes. His first job was to help complete the book Christ Our Righteousness (1926), in which Daniells had brought together the most impressive Ellen White selections on this topic. Next the Ministerial Association issued, in leaflet form, nine Bible studies dealing with the importance of the spiritual life. MacGuire had already sounded a deeply spiritual note in his The Life of Victory (1924). Soon he followed it with His Cross and Mine (1927), while Froom brought out The Coming of the Comforter (1928), based on his lectures on the Holy Spirit presented to ministerial institutes held during 1927.


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