Should a church run a bowling-alley?, 1898

Review and Herald, June 14, 1898, p. 16

A CHURCH paper asks, ”Should a church run a bowling-alley?” Why should any church want to run a bowling-alley? or, indeed, any other species of so-called amusement? A church is supposed to be Christian; and to the Christian, time is too precious an element to allow the spending of it in any such way. The Christian who does not see it so, may know that he has not yet found the true principle and life of Christianity. He who possesses Christian joy has something so far superior to “amusements” that they never come into consideration.

2 Responses to “Should a church run a bowling-alley?, 1898”

  1. ModerationMan Says:

    It’s kind of interesting how some Christians develop the idea that amusement is bad, because they can’t possibly be wasting their time in such things. This idea does not seem to be Biblical from what I’ve studied. This article reminds me of a sentiment that is still held by a few of my Adventist aquaintences.

  2. newsman777 Says:

    Hi ModerationMan,

    This bowling alley post is the first on the topic. Your comment has helped me wonder if more can be gleaned from the archives on pioneer Adventist views on amusements. Did they make a distinction between amusements and recreation. When did it become acceptable for our schools to have Phys. Ed. rather than Gardening? What about picnics? What Bible passages did they present for their views?


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