McClelan Memorial Hospital, 2

Canadian Union Messenger, December 22, 1948

Wanted—NURSE NEEDED for general duty at McClelan Memorial Hospital. Duties to begin January 1. For details, write: Director, McClelan Memorial Hospital, Riverside, Albert Co., N. B.


Canadian Union Messenger, April 11, 1951


A record audience heard Dr. Martin R. Hoehn, graduate of the College of Medical Evangelists, and superintendent of the McClelan Memorial Hospital at Riverside, New Brunswick, speak at the Saint John S.D.A. church evangelistic campaign on Sunday night, April 1, on the subject “The Miracle of Divine Healing.” The church was filled to overflowing, many had to stand. Dr. Hoehn stressed the importance of health education in order that we might expect God to heal sickness. At the close of the health lecture, the meeting was opened to the audience for questions. Many sincere questions were asked and Dr. Hoehn gave very helpful and practical answers.

Preceding the meeting, Mr. David Henderson, violin concert artist from Boston rendered twenty minutes of sacred music which was very much appreciated by the audience.

This service was one in a series of winter and spring evangelistic Bible lectures being conducted for the third consecutive year by the church under the leadership of the pastor.

The Saint John church was very grateful to have Dr. and Mrs. Hoehn, Vicki, and Miss McKeith as their guests for this service. Mrs. Hoehn, as you know is the Canadian delegate to the Paris Youth’s Congress.

The Saint John evangelistic meetings have been well attended most of the winter. There are many interested in the truth for this hour. It is
hoped to have another baptism in the near future.

Ira D. Follett



On April 1st a very fine audience of 170 gathered in the St. John S.D.A. Church, at which time Dr. M. R. Hoehn and Miss Ethel McKeith were present and gave health lectures. Elder Ira D. Follett has been having good success with his Sunday night evangelistic meetings in the church.

Mrs. M. A. Longard has again taken her duties as hospital cook at McClelan Memoriall Hospital in Riverside. Mrs. Longard had been visiting with her son William who is working at the Review and Herald Publishing Association in Washington, D. C.


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