1888, The Historians Speak

What have church historians said about the 1888 General Conference Session? Have the assertions changed over time?

The Minneapolis Conference and the Great Revival

THE GENERAL CONFERence session at Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1888 is a notable
landmark in Seventh-day Adventist history. It was really like crossing a continental divide into a new country. Some smiters of the brethren calling themselves reformers have tried to make out that the session was a defeat; whereas, the truth is that it stands out as a glorious victory and the occasion and the beginning of larger and better things for the advent church. At no other gathering in our entire history has the Lord in so marked a manner brought such light and victory to His people through Bible study and the Spirit of prophecy. We all need to know what happened in Minneapolis.

The Fruitage of Spiritual Gifts,
Lewis Harrison Christian, page 219
Review and Herald, Washington D.C.



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