The Pioneers

Review and Herald, Anniversary Edition, September 18, 1924


1844 Advent background

James White
Ellen G. White
Joseph Bates
Stephen Pierce
S. W. Rhodes
J. N. Andrews
W. S. Ingraham
Albert Stone
Washington Morse
Hiram Edson
G. W. Holt
C. O. Taylor
David Arnold
Frederick Wheeler
J. N. Loughborough
H. H. Wilcox
C. W. Sperry
Brother Phillips
Josiah Hart
Elon Everts

Non-1844 Advent Background

A. S. Hutchins
Brother Baker
John Lindsay
Brother Poole
J. H. Waggoner
R. F. Cottrell
Jesse Dorcas
T. J. Butler
T. M. Steward
Isaac Sanborn
John C. Day
Harry Buck
M. E. Cornell
J. B. Frisbie
A. C. Bourdeau
Daniel T. Bourdeau
Brother Babcock
Waterman Phelps
Brother Francis
J. G. Saunders
Harvey M. Kenyon


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