Smith and Lewis in Correspondence, 1859

Note that Uriah Smith refers to A.H. Lewis as Bro. Lewis. Lewis was the main Seventh day Baptist spokesperson during the 1800’s. This 1859 interaction captures a time when SDA’s were less in number than SDB’s; a time when Adventists had an extremely limited view of their mission to the world.

Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, February 3, 1859, page 7

From Bro, Lewis.

BRO. SMITH : In accordance with the suggestion of Bro. J. Clarke in the Review, No. 8, I embrace this opportunity to communicate with your readers, if, perchance, what I may say shall be found worthy a place in your columns.

I commenced reading the Review some three or four years since, for two reasons: I wished to learn something of those who supported it, and advocated its doctrines, and felt willing to receive any new light upon the all-important subject of our lives. Upon the question of the Sabbath I had no inclination to disagree with you, as I had always observed it ; other points I did not embrace at once. I thought them quite consistent, yet I never saw them in their true light until, with the Bible for my guide, I sought God in prayer for light to see his truth, and I now bless his holy name that I ever heard the three messages, the counsel of the faithful and true Witness, the immortality of man as brought to light in the Bible, &c., &c. But for meeting with Bro. Steward, of Mauston, and the Review when I did, in my boyish incredulity I doubt not but I should long since have renounced the Bible, and now have been attempting to “climb up” by some theory of speculative philosophy; and whatever may be the end of the Review or of Adventism, thus far I feel that it stopped me and brought me back to the sure guide of the world, the Bible.

There are but few here who call themselves Adventists, yet I believe there are not a few who are willing to keep all God’s commands and serve him in all his appointed ways. The Seventh-day Baptists are the leading denomination in our immediate neighborhood ; yet there are many around and among us who observe Constantine’s Sabbath instead of that of the Lord. But I trust God has yet good laid up in store for his children in Berlin, I sometimes try to vindicate the truths of God’s word here on the Sabbath. yet a press of other, duties, of a literary nature, make it impossible for me to study or reflect much, and my own weakness, and at times want of faith, seem to retard any effort in any great degree for good. A few seem alive to God, and the interests of his kingdom, yet many around us (especially those who do not keep the Sabbath) seem too much inclined to seek only a form of godliness without the power. O, that God would not say of us as he did of Ephraim but would send us light and give us hearts to receive it. Allow me a question to yourself or some of your correspondents :

Is the Third Angel’s Message being given, or to be given except in the United States? Yours striving to overcome.


Berlin, Wis., Jan. 22d, 1859.

NOTE. — We have no information that the Third Message is at present being proclaimed in any country besides our own. Analogy would lead us to expect that the proclamation of this message would be coextensive with the first : though this might not perhaps be necessary to fulfill Rev. x, 11, since our own land is composed of people from almost every nation. — ED.



Profile of A.H. Lewis

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