Books Published at This Office, 1860

Some Notes

This list of publications reveals the heart of the Advent movement’s message. The providing of hymns, and poems, indicates a growing pastoral interest. It also reflects individual talent. The Smiths, Uriah and Annie, were quite poetically and musically gifted. Spiritual Gifts, the first edition of what would become the Conflict of the Ages series, by Ellen White shows Adventism’s interest in the gift of Prophecy. Look down near the end of the item. L.H. Hastings, “Great Controversy” is also offered for sale. The fact that both works are offered with similar names indicates that the Review and Herald leaders did not view the similarities as a problem.

All of Adventism’s major teachings find representation in this list: The Great Controversy; The Bible as the source of truth; the Law of God; the Sabbath; The Three Angels Messages; Studies in Daniel and Revelation; the Atonement; the non-immortality of the soul; and the Second Advent.

Review and Herald, May 29, 1860



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