Luther Warren and Harry Fenner


Harry Fenner and Luther Warren asked God’s blessing in organizing the youth for service.

Robert Ayres, artist

In 1879 a beginning was made by two boys of Hazelton, Michigan. One was Harry Fenner, seventeen, and the other was four-teen-year-old Luther Warren, who later became an evangelist. They were troubled about the needs of the young people of their church, and developed the idea of having a boys’ society. They walked down a country road one day, talking earnestly about their young friends. Before parting, the two boys went to a secluded corner in a field and prayed about their plans. Thus was born the first Seventh-day Adventist young people’s society on record. It consisted of five or six boys, and the meetings were held in the home of one of the members. They elected a president and a secretary-treasurer. The activities emphasized were missionary work and the improvement of personal conduct, especially healthful living. Later the girls of the church desired to join the boys in their work, and after some discussion they were invited to do so. Other societies of young people soon sprang up in Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio, and Australia. Messages began coming from Ellen White urging the young people to organize for service.

The Story of Our Church (1956), page 458, A General Conference Education Department secondary school textbook.

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12 Responses to “Luther Warren and Harry Fenner”

  1. asuaa boakye-ansah Says:

    am really interested in all the information you will be fill me in on any more news you get

  2. Lisah Chinyama Says:

    They did such a great job .I am a girl aged 14 who is a pathfinder at Glen -Field SDA church .I like being a Pathfinder .My club’s name is LIVING WATERS in Zimbabwe.All of my friends are from Pathfinders .

  3. Lisah Chinyama Says:

    I hope you don’t get bored with my comments .Life is well with me here . I do really enjoy being a pathfinder . May you please by the grace of God send me some messages andthings concerning pathfindering in this email adress not gmail ,I can’t access it

  4. Anthony maina Says:

    These two youths did a nice job we still enjoy today. May God bless the work of our youth.

  5. Ricardo Salinas Says:

    Good morning.
    As you would be able to obtain but information and to the material time in relation to the history of the New Ministry and his pioneers.

    Thank you very much

    Missionary Ricardo A. Salinas Cordova
    Chaplain Peruvian northern Mission

  6. Pastor Okofo-Boansi Says:

    I’m ever grateful for the excellent pioneering example of Luther Warren and Harry Fernner for Adventist youth in general. Its my wish and prayer that today’s youth will be equally challenged and inspired to make a lasting mark by their contemporary exploits for the LORD. Maranatha!

    • samuel yeboah attakora Says:

      Am very happy and proud to see your comment here and that you are still working on the youth for God i was your student and at Bewai and was and my big brother was waltson’s friend.
      I happen to stumble on you here because am looking for information about Harry Fenner for the you in my local church at Newtow Church in Accra. I hope to be like you in the work for our youth in the church. God bless you and extend my greetings to family sir. God bless you.

  7. Pagewell Gowero Says:

    If ever any adventist youth is to be inspired by any work that was done by any one, then here is good work that was done

  8. Sikalemba munyansu Says:

    We thank God for the two young men.To my fellow living youths,LETS KEEP

  9. maxine malmstrom Says:

    Luther Warren wrote a great book and I read it 50 some yrs. ago. Forgot the name of it and would love to find and read it again.

  10. maxine malmstrom Says:

    Oh, I am so thankful to have found the book. It was not written by him, but about him. It is simply entitled “Luther Warren”. I have purchased it.

  11. Delroy Tobaiwa Says:

    What made these guys succeed is prayer,serious study of the word,& the desire to win souls.i’m frm Shamprock Park SDA

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