The documents of history serve the historian. This blog, Adventist History, intends to provide documents of interest. Commentary is not usually provided.

To navigate this site, either browse by month or by category.

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We at Adventist History Library are very appreciative of the freedom to make use of the Adventist Archives’ online facilities. We imagine a new era of historical investigation for amateur church historians. Opportunity to delve into such a vast array of primary sources is treasured.

Covenant Forum has established a section for Adventist History Library on their forum. The Discus program’s format lends itself to what they call a “Super Blog”. We hope to build a visually friendly, easy to navigate section there to further our interest in the documents of Adventism.

We have a Current Projects page where our recent work at Covenant Forum is summarized.

ADVENTIST® and SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST® are the registered trademarks of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists®.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. h0bbes Says:

    Hi! Nice to find another blog on Adventist History.

    Jeff Crocombe

  2. daniel Says:

    This site has lots of interesting material. As directory editor, i’m always looking for new Adventist-authored books. Thanks for your hard work. One note which you may already know, unless you have permission, everything after 1923 is protected by copyright.

  3. newsman777 Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    The Adventist Archives site provides a tremendous opportunity for the church historian. Also, students can make use of hundreds of primary sources when preparing their reports.


  4. newsman777 Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I am pleased you find the site helpful. Your work at Early SDA is appreciated. Also, thanks for 1923 copyright information. Focus so far has been done on Canada, the Civil War, Biographies (Lynn H. Wood, Eugene Leland, J.O. Corliss, Meade MacGuire). Related websites include: Selected Essays by Ellen White; Adventist Views on War and Peace; History of Kingsway College; History of the Oshawa, Ontario SDA Church. Any tips on any, or all, of these would be appreciated.

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