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Bates Writes From Toronto, New Year’s – 1852

April 1, 2008



The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, January 13, 1852, Vol. 2, No. 10, Page 80


From Bro. Bates.

DEAR BRO. WHITE : Since I started, in Oct. last, on my western tour, I have visited many places in western N. Y. Held protracted meetings in several places with our Sabbath brethren, who are loving the present truth more and more. In many planes we found the brethren in deep trials; but prayer, and perseverance in the strait truths that the little flock, now see in their pathway soon triumphed over the Enemy, and our hearts were made glad and healed by the precious saving truths in the third angel’s message.

Bro. Edson met me at Auburn. N. Y. We crossed the St. Lawrence, for Canada West, the last week in Nov., and have been working our way to the west, along the south shore of Lake Ontario, and where-ever we have learned that there were scattered sheep in the back settlements north of us, we have waded through the deep snow from two to forty miles to find them, and give the present truth; so that in five weeks we have traveled hundreds of miles, and gained on the direct road westward one hundred eighty miles, We expect, to close our labors here by the 5th, and then go north again to Lake Sincoe. where we learn there are some of the scattered flock. From thence it is probable we shall we shall pass on the same course westward to the borders of Lake Huron and Erie. When we have finished our labors between these seas, we expect to return towards Rochester, N. Y.

The, first twenty days of our journey we were much tried with the deep snow, and tedious cold weather, and with but few exceptions cold and impenetrable hearts. The truth was no food for them. Since that time the scene has changed and the truth begun to take effect, and some we trust are now searching for the truth. At Mariposa and Scewgog Lakes, thirty and forty miles in the back settlements, and about sixty from here, we found many hungry for the truth. Their minister, (Peter Hough,) objected to our message, and labored hard to do away the Sabbath of the Lord our God, and called upon his congregation to decide, concluding that his arguments were clear. About twelve out of twenty enlisted under the banner of the third angel, while but two I believe shewed a sign in his favor. The rest we left in a deep study, saying, they would examine the subject.

In Reach, eight more confessed the whole truth, and three other families admitted the Sabbath to be right. In both of these places they are united in their monthly meetings. Their meetings were appointed for the last Sabbath. They have hopes of their other brethren, because they know them to be honest. These two companies of brethren and sisters seem strong and united, and remind me very much of the Melbourn and Eaton companies in Canada East, that were so prompt and decided to move out on the Lord’s side as soon as the truth was presented.

You will see by the list of names for the paper, and also other names that we send in with those, that they are hungering and thirsting for the truth in the last message. We believe that God has precious jewels in Canada West. We have no misgivings about this being the field of our labor for the present. O, God speed the work of gathering the 144,000 here, and all over the field. Amen.

Toronto, (C. W.), Jan. 1st, 1852.