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An Update on AHL Work at Covenant Forum

April 6, 2009

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E. A. Beavon

The Bicycle Craze

Charles Fitch

We have been impressed with the amount of early documentation of Fitch’s life and work.

Storrs on Laodicea, 1844

December 25, 2008

Review and Herald, May 16, 1854


… Look at the so called church of the present day. Who is she most pleased with, the humble, self- denying, cross-bearing members, who are crucified to this world, or the rich, the “respectable” in the sight of the world, and those that can make show? Which do they most regard? Is it not a fact, that the latter are more pleasing to an exalted church than the former? And are not the churches “multiplying a spurious brood of strange children?” Where is their deadness to the world, its praise and its frowns? They dare not speak out against a popular sin, nor defend an unpopular truth. Reputation is at stake, and every other principle must give place to that. Said an old pilgrim, not long since, “When our church was small and poor, we were spiritual, lively in religion, and a happy band; but now we are numerous, fashionable, and like the world, and I do not feel at home.”

The church had multiplied a spurious brood of strange children; and such is the case almost universally. Yet she is saying, like the Laodicean church, “I am rich and increased in goods and have need of nothing,”Yes, she boasts of her schools, her colleges, her theological seminaries, her talented ministry, her richly endowed institutions. In her own eyes she sits “as a queen,” and is “no widow and shall see no sorrow.” So has the world fallen in love with the church that even the soldiers, with their guns, cannons, drums and fifes, will all join with it in celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace; and Ministers are to be educated at the Military Academy to be Chaplains in the army and navy! Truly, how much that looks like “learning war no more!”

Not only that, but our churches at Christmas and other holidays, can have exhibitions in their meetinghouses that please the children of strangers about as well as the theatre! No wonder the church of this age is talking of conquering the the world, when she herself has fairly gone over to the world, and has become like the intoxicated man who thinks the ground rises up to him when he has fallen down to that. No wonder such a church is in convulsions on hearing the dreadful sound, “Behold the Bridegroom cometh.” She wish to see him! No, she is pleasing herself with the children of strangers.

But let us inquire, what else does the prophet say of this “peace and safety” crying church? He says, [verse 7,] “Their land also is full of silver and gold, neither is there any end of their treasures.” See the thousands and millions that these churches have laid up in one form or another; either in the hands of individual members, or corporate bodies; if possible to show their contempt of him” who though he was rich, for our sakes became poor;” acting as if their greatest desire was to be independent of God himself, and showing that they have no confidence in him…

— Geo. Storrs, in Mid. Cry 1844

A Good Resolution, 1877

December 22, 2008

Atlantic Union Gleaner, July 22, 1931, (1877)


Taken from the clerk’s records of the original Oakfield, Me., church, (now Dyer Brook) in Aroostook County, are the following resolutions passed at a church business meeting on the evening of November 1, 1877, Elder S. J. Hersum in the chair:

“Whereas, we are fast approaching the time when probation will close, and

“Whereas, Satan, according to the Bible which we believe is true, is to work with great power for the destruction of God’s people,

“Therefore, resolved, that we as members of the church in Oakfield, study the Bible and follow out all its teachings, believing that our salvation depends upon this, and that we will watch and pray that we be not used as instruments in the hands of Satan to wound the feelings of our brothers and sisters and the cause of God, by speaking of the faults of the brothers and sisters to others, before to the one that is at fault.

“Resolved, that we will stand by each member of the church and will by our prayers and comforting words, stay up the hands of each other under every trial.”

How we need the spirit of these resolutions, not only on our church records, but in our hearts. May God grant it as we enter the greatest Harvest Ingathering campaign in our history. Would it not be a great encouragement and help to us if each knew the other was praying for him?



Notes by Newsman 777

1) Fast approaching the time when probation will close…” in 1877. A belief in an imminent return of Christ can motivate the church to heighten their moral decisions.

2) “Our salvation depends upon” studying the Bible and following all its teachings. Shall we assume that they understood about salvation in Jesus? When is salvation by “following all its teachings” considered adequate for salvation?

3) “Wound the feelings.” The gist of this resolution addresses an ongoing problem in an organization; interpersonal relationships and unity.

4) “Stay up the hands of each other under every trial.” This metaphor comes from the story of Aaron and Hur holding up the hands of Moses. We would do well to practice this day by day.

A Few Lines Composed on the Dark Day, May 19, 1780

November 13, 2008


Davenport Exhibit