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1907-1957, MV Golden Anniversary

March 7, 2009

Australasian Record, February 4, 1957, page 10

1957—MV Golden Anniversary Year

When Miss Annie Higgins, aged eighty- two years, mounted the rostrum for the opening of the South Pacific Youth Congress at Nunawading, Melbourne, she carried a flaming torch which was full of significance to the two thousand Adventist youth agog with anticipation.

In 1879, when Annie was only 4, two young men, Harry Fenner and Luther Warren, teenage pioneers of Hazelton, Michigan, conceived the idea of a boys’ society within their Seventh-day Adventist community. They told the Lord of their plans one day in the summer of that year, and promptly organized themselves to engage in active missionary work. There were only six or eight at their first meeting, but undaunted, they met each week for prayer, went on errands of mercy for the sick and needy, raised money to buy tracts, and carried on youthful missionary correspondence. This was the youth-inspired beginning of our mighty Missionary Volunteer army, now approaching the half million the world around.

From a tree growing in the garden where the first young people’s society met in Hazelton, was made the wooden torch held aloft by Miss Higgins, and with which Pastor Lucas declared the Congress open.

In 1893, two years before Miss Higgins entered the organized work in Victoria, Sister White, while residing in Melbourne, issued this testimony:—

“We have an army of youth today who can do much if they are properly directed and encouraged. We want our children to believe the truth. We want them to be blessed of God. We want them to act a part in well-organized plans for helping other youth. Let all be so trained that they may rightly represent the truth, giving the reason of the hope that is within them, and honouring God in any branch of the work where they are qualified to labour.” — General Conference Bulletin, January 29, 30, 1893.

As soon as Pastor A. G. Daniells heard this testimony regarding definite work for the youth, he organized a young people’s society in Adelaide, South Australia, in the same year. It was really a junior organization, the oldest member being only fifteen. The society held meetings, studied the Bible, and engaged in missionary work. It proved to be a great blessing to these young people. It helped not only to hold them, but to train them for definite service.

In 1917, Pastor Daniells, in reference to that society said, “It is a great satisfaction to me now after twenty-five years have passed to know that nearly every charter member of that band is in this message, and most of them are active workers, giving their lives to the advancement of this cause.”

In this first Australasian MV Society Miss Higgins became a charter member and was baptized by Pastor Daniells. Then for twelve years she served faithfully in clerical work, as Tract Society secretary, accountant, and teacher at Avondale.

But in 1907, just fifty years ago, the General Conference in session at Mt. Vernon, Ohio, U.S.A., declared the “Young People’s Society of Missionary Volunteers” an organized department of the church. Immediately into this new regime for the youth Miss’ Higgins stepped as MV secretary for Tasmania and New South Wales for the years 1907-21.

And now it is 1957! The Golden Anni versary year for Missionary Volunteers around the world. “Sharing the Faith of our Fathers” is its stirring theme, echoing to us the challenge brought to us at the Congress by Miss Higgins of a task well begun and waiting to be completed by the consecrated youth of today.

Shall we rise up, young people of Australia and New Zealand and stalwart young men and women of the colourful Pacific Isles, and move forward to a great new Share Your Faith campaign!

Other Golden Anniversary features for you in 1957 are:—

1. SPECIAL editions of “Messages to Young People,” “Youth’s Instructor,” and “Junior Guide.”

2. SPECIAL MV Society membership card and campaign.

3. SPECIAL MV offering mission project for the Coral Sea Union Mission.

A Happy Golden Anniversary Year to You All.

Eugene Leland

November 1, 2008



Battle Creek, Mich.t Friday, 4 P.M., March 26.

Present: Elders Irwin, Morrison, Breed, Allee, Kilgore,
Jones, Holser, Evans, and Moon.

Moved and seconded, That Elder Eugene Leland be recommended to
take the Presidency of the Quebec and Ontario Conference.

Attention was called to the motion made at a previous meeting
making Elder Eugene Leland President of the Quebec and Ontario
Conference, consideration of which motion had not been called up in
the regular order. The question being called for, was put, and



Battle Creek, Mich., 8 a.m., April 27, 1899.

Elder Irwin in the chair. Members present; Elders Irwin, Moon,
Olsen, Breed, and lane.

The Committee did not feel free to recommend anything different
in the case of Elder Eugene Leland, than what was recommended at
General Conference.



August 4, 1914


I H Evans, W T Knox, W W Prescott, G B Thompson,
M E Kern, F Griggs, J L Shaw, C S Longacre, W A Spicer; also
L A Hansen, W E Howell, C L Be neon, T E Bowen.


It was reported that Robt H Treible, invited to
take school work in Bermuda accepted the call and would prepare
to sail at an early date.

Discussing appeals from Bermuda for further

ministerial help, it was felt that inasmuch as the little field
had been self-sustaining for years, it would be profitable to
send a minister over for special evangelistic work this autumn
and winter.

The North American Division reported that Elder
Eugene Leland, formerly of Ontario, now in Michigan, might be

VOTED, That we invite Elder Eugene Leland of
Michigan to engage in evangelistic work in Bermuda,


November 9, 1914.


I H Evans, W T Knox, W C White, G B Thompson,

N Z Town, Mrs L Flora Plummer, J L Shaw, C S Longacre, M E Kern,
W W Prescott, E R Palmer, F Griggs, W A Spicer; also T E Bowen.


VOTED, That we authorize Elder Eugene Leland, of
the Bermuda Islands, to draw a salary at the rate of $17.00
per week.


July 15,’15


A G Daniells, I H Evans, W T Knox, G B Thompson,
E R palmer, C S Longacre, J L Shaw; also F M Wilcox, L A Hansen,
F W Paap, T E Bowen.

Prayer by C S Longacre.


VOTED, That we invite Eugene Leland to return to
Bermuda, to make that his field of labor for a time, seeking to
build up the interests of the cause there by winning other souls
to the truth.

F. C. Gilbert and the G.C. Committee, 1910-11

October 28, 2008



F.C. Gilbert presented a paper speaking of present efforts, and appealing for further effort for the Jewish people.

VOTED, That the Jewish work be place under the supervision and fostering care of the North American Foreign Department, Elder F.C. Gilbert to act as leader of the work for
this people,



The Committee met at 8:30 A.M. After prayer, the work of Elder F. C. Gilbert was further discussed.


VOTED, That in view of the relation that the work of F. C. Gilbert sustains to the General Conference, and the field at large, the General Conference assume his salary and expenses after January l, 1911, with the understanding that in the gathering of funds, money taken up in camp-meetings or work among our churches shall pass to the General Conference treasury through the regular channels, and that funds which may be gathered in work among outsiders shall be reported to the treasury.



VOTED, That the rate of F. C. Gilbert as leader of the Jewish work be fixed at $17 per week.



The amount required by the Jewish Department was fixed at $2,240, this providing for the salary of F. C. Gilbert at $18 per week, and other departmental expenses. It was agreed that the Concord Jewish home should not come under the department, but be continued for the present by its board of trustees, and supported by products of the farm and by gifts to be solicited from outside parties and popular churches, not from our own churches.

F. C. Gilbert, Business Attitude

October 28, 2008

October 29, 1905


A.G. Daniells, G.A. Irwin, I.H. Evans, G. B. Thompson, K. C. Russell, J. E. Froom, W. A. Spicer, and Elder F. C. Gilbert.

G.A. Irwin in the chair.


The meeting was called at the request of Brother Gilbert, who asked counsel as to his work in behalf of the Jews. He explained the plan of work, the New England Conference paying his salary and traveling expenses in local S. D.A. church work, but his general traveling expenses, however, in work over the country and among outside churches being paid by contributions gathered.

The question came up as to how this work should be operated to avoid the plan of having funds sent to private individuals to be expended on individual judgment without accounting to a recognized body.

It was, agreed that it would be proper for Brother Gilbert to ask the Atlantic Union office to handle the accounts and to make provision so that he will be able to account to the Union for all money received, and expended, thus avoiding giving opportunity for any criticism.

Australia or Desire of Ages

October 17, 2008

Fourteenth Meeting

August 7, 1891. 3:00 P.M.

All the Members of the Committee present except Elder Underwood (Olsen, chair, Loughborough, Jones, Kilgore, Haskell, Robinson, White, Colcord, Secretary); and Sister White by previous arrangement.

The meeting was opened with prayer by Elders Haskell and Olsen.

The meeting being called specially for the purpose of giving Sister White an interview with the Committee, the reading of the minutes of the last meeting was waived.

Sister White stated before the Committee that on account of various other lines of work coming upon her for some time past, she had written but little as yet on the “Life of Christ,” but that matters had so shaped themselves, and her physical and mental conditions were such that she could not continue writing this work, but that should she pursue this course she could not go to Australia for a year yet, and consequently she wished advice in the matter.

Elder White stated that until recently it appeared to him it was evident that either the writing of the book or the going to Australia would have to be indefinitely postponed.

Elder Olsen inquired if there were not as good prospects for the writing of the book over in Australia, as here, to which Sister White replied by asking, “Who knoweth?”

It was thought that if she went to Australia and continued to write articles for the different denominational papers, the General Conference should furnish her a competent stenographer to report her addresses and to prepare them for the paper.

Breakfast time arrived before any decision was reached, and the Committee adjourned to 3:00 P.M.

DJVU page 49/78

Fifteenth Meeting,

6. That it is the sense of the Committee that Sister White, if consistent with her convictions, and Eld. W.C. White go to Australia on the “Monovai,” which sails about the middle of October next.

After considering the matter of supplying suitable help for Sister White, the Committee adjourned to 7:30 P.M., August 8.

EGW and GC Executive Committee, July, 1890

October 17, 2008

Champion of Proper Support for Ministers and Their Families

General Conference Committee, Ninth Meeting, July 16th, 1890, p. 3.

Sister White said: “There is another matter which I wish to bring before the Committee. It is in reference to our ministers who are sick and dying, and their families. What can be done for them? They have labored hard, and have given of their scanty earnings for the advancement of the cause. Should not some provision be made for their support and the support of their families?”

Eld. Olsen said: “The providing of a fund for the support of invalid ministers, is on the list of subjects for consideration at this meeting.”

Sister White said that she had been shown in the past that ministers would die because they do not have the support they need. When Bro. Sperry was sick and had constant hemorrhage of the lungs, she was shown that our ministers should guard against straining their lungs by loud speaking or speaking too long. It was shown her also that a sermon one-half an hour long would frequently be all the people could retain. Our ministers should be careful of their health, that their minds may be clear; and if they do fail, we should step in and hold them up and support them.

She feels that a fund should be raised for the support of invalid ministers and is sure that God will bless in raising it.

Eld. Olsen asked Sister White if she had any plan in mind for raising such a fund. She replied that she had no special plan in mind.

Eld. White suggested that the two funds open in the REVIEW, might, with a little effort, be filled up very soon, and a fund for the support of invalid ministers take their place.

The time having come, the Committee adjourned to call of chair.

The chair announced the next meeting at 2:00 P.M.