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Fishers of Men

November 6, 2008

Union Conference Record, Australasian, November 23, 1908

Believing that Jesus is speaking to us as individuals in the verse quoted (Matt. 4: 19), let us read it as if addressed to each person separately : ” Follow Me, and I will make you a fisher of men.”

Now you would not consider yourself a fisherman if you always remained at home and sent your father or brother away with hook and line, or net, to do the actual work of catching fish. So another command comes to us from the Master:—

“Go ye out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in.”

It you are to be a fisher of men, you are to go where active service is to be done in winning them from sin to the love of Christ.

The genuine fisherman enjoys selecting the best fishing-rod and the finest reel ; he looks with pride upon his collection of tempting bait. But the keenest pleasure comes when he wades’ into the swift-flowing stream, casts the hook into the foaming water, and feels the tug of resistance as the bait is taken. There is a thrill of satisfaction as, with the skill of experience and careful study, he finally lands the finny captive upon the bank.

Meade MacGuire

Madman for Christ

November 6, 2008

Union Conference Record, Australasian, November 2, 1908

NEVER had any people such reason to be filled with a burning zeal for the salvation of sinners as we have who live to-day. It is said of Rowland Hill, that the people of his native village called him a madman. This was his defence : ” While I passed along yonder road, I saw a gravel-pit cave in, and bury three men alive. I hastened to the rescue, and shouted for help until they heard me in the town almost a mile away. Nobody called me a madman then. But when I see destruction about to fall on sinners and entomb them in an eternal mass of woe, and cry aloud if perchance they may behold their danger and escape, they say I am beside myself; perhaps I am, but O that all God’s children might thus be fired with desire to save their fellows!”

The position we occupy in the world demands of us a far different spirit from that which we manifest toward the perishing. We may well take to heart the rebuke of an infidel lawyer to a professed
Christian : ” Did I believe as you do, that the masses of our race are perishing in sin, I would have no rest. I would fly to tell them of salvation. I would labour day and night. I would speak with all the pathos I could summon. I would warn, expostulate, and entreat my fellow-men to turn to Christ and receive salvation at His hands. I am astonished at the manner in which the majority of you Christians tell your message. You do not act as if you believe your own words. You have not the earnestness in preaching that we lawyers have in pleading. If we were as tame as you are, we would never carry a single suit.”

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